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“Boss” poster breaks Guinness world record

Graphics, Industry News | May 1, 2014 | By:

Akshay Kumar, film actor, producer and martial artist, is big news in India, where he’s starred in more than 100 Hindi films, some of them blockbusters. Kumar (also called the King of Bollywood) has a big fan club, and “Team Akshay” wanted to celebrate release of his new movie, “Boss,” in a big way. They instructed Macro Art Ltd., Cambridgeshire, England, a large-format digital printer, to create the largest movie poster ever made. The mega-poster, with an area of close to 35,000 square feet, graced the film premiere in Great Britain and beat the previous Guinness Book of World Records poster size by six times.

Macro Art chose seemee® mesh extra B3131, manufactured by Verseidag-Indutex GmbH, Krefeld, Germany, to print 36 fabric panels and weld them into a unified whole. The seemee mesh, primarily used for building wraps and billboards, has a grid structure allowing air to circulate, is lighter than PVC and has high tear and tensile strength. The mesh substrate offers high printing speed with outstanding color and clarity. The mega-poster, featuring Kumar as “Boss” striding through a cityscape, made the October 16, 2013, premier a big hit for Team Akshay. Visit Macro Art’s website to see photos showing the creation, transport and scale of the poster.

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