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Fujifilm introduces Forge Guard® security label

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Full-color hidden image is designed to combat counterfeiting in the garment industry.

Breaking new ground in the war against the expansion of counterfeit products, Fujifilm Electronic Materials U.S.A. Inc. has introduced Forge Guard® for the first time in the U.S. The unique security label offers garment manufacturers the highest level of brand and anti-counterfeiting protection available on the market today. Utilizing innovative Fujifilm technology, Forge Guard creates security labels with full-color hidden images and text that are nearly impossible for counterfeiters to duplicate due to their range of colors and complex resolutions. Fujifilm’s proprietary chemicals and process equipment, combined with strict process controls, enable Forge Guard labels to withstand repeated washing and drying, as well as long-term exposure to sunlight.

“With the rise of global manufacturing, marketing and sales, counterfeiting has become a huge problem for many fashion or garment manufacturers,” said David Diepholz, senior director, IPD sales, Fujifilm Electronic Materials U.S.A. Inc. “Often, consumers don’t even realize they are buying fakes, which means lost sales for genuine products and potential brand damage when the counterfeit item doesn’t wear as well as expected. With full-color images that are virtually impossible for counterfeiters to copy and the ability to resist high levels of heat and water, Forge Guard garment tag labels provide a security solution that’s vastly superior to standard hologram technology, making them ideal for fashion or garment industry manufacturers.”

Forge Guard is completely customizable for each product and brand. The graphic and text in each label remain invisible to the naked eye, but the garment’s authenticity reveals itself instantly when the handheld, proprietary Fujifilm Viewer is passed directly over the security label. No technical skills or complex equipment are required; anyone can verify product authenticity quickly at any time, from shopkeepers and retail salespeople to distributors, customs officials, warehouse managers and consumers.

Because Forge Guard does not require expensive initial tooling for its manufacture, customers can currently order as few as 100,000 labels to start. The labels come in a number of configurations, including tag labels targeted for garments, square or round seal labels on a sheet or substrate-roll, bulk rolls, and rectangular paper labels on rolls.

Source: Fujifilm USA

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