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Sefar Vision wins 2014 Glass Magazine award

Industry News | July 25, 2014 | By:

Glass interlayer named “Most Innovative Decorative Glass Product.”

Vision, a metal-coated fabric interlayer for glass from Sefar Architecture, won the 2014 Glass Magazine award for “Most Innovative Decorative Glass Product.” Nominations were submitted by Glass Magazine to a panel of judges representing all segments of the glass and glazing industry.

Vision designs can be created across the entire length of a glass wall partition, curtain wall or a building’s glass façade, while providing clear views from the interior. The interlayer can be digitally printed with any color, pattern, picture or design using vibrant, long-lasting, UV-resistant inks. Its metal coatings improve the thermal insulating qualities for reducing solar heat gain and minimizing glare.

As a fabric substrate, Vision reduces the weight requirements of a metal interlayer, allowing it to deliver the equivalent effect at a reduced overall cost.

SOURCE: Sefar Architecture

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