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Chemicals, coatings and compounds

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2014 Exhibitor Product Preview

Products that are also ShowStoppers entries are designated by **, and they will be featured in the September issue. The third annual ShowStoppers awards competition will feature innovative products and services in a special voting display where they are judged by industry peers in attendance.

Chemicals, coatings and compounds

Labotatory glass beaker with blue liquid sample

Booth A2517

WHAT: Flame retardant treatments**

WHY: Eco-friendly flame retardant chemistry for highly synthetic fabrics used in workwear, military, upholstery and furnishing markets. Treatments are self-extinguishing, launderable, durable and easy to apply.
+1 864 603 1165


Booth 2541

WHAT: BioThane® coated Kevlar®**

WHY: BioThane polyurethane coating can be applied to any Kevlar webbing from 1/4 to 4 inches wide, protecting it from UV rays and providing long-term tensile strength.
+1 440 327 0485

Booth A2727

WHAT: Starpow adhesive powder**

WHY: Cost-effective and eco-friendly adhesive powder alternative combines thermosetting and thermoplastic advantages to offer higher adhesion strength and better temperature resistance.
+1 843 576 9566


Booth 948

WHAT: Odor Buster**

WHY: Product neutralizes and eliminates all types of odors permanently, without masking them or using fragrances to cover them up. Ideal for boats, campers, autos and home.
+1 847 437 8400

Booth A2700

WHAT: Coating solutions

WHY: Resin, polymer, additive and custom-formulated solutions for unique coatings that enhance textile performance. Products improve functional and aesthetic properties such as durability, flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, water repellency and breathability, while balancing required “look and feel” characteristics.
+1 216 447 5880

Booth A2305

WHAT: Antimicrobial agent

WHY: Added into topical textile treatments for protection against bacteria, mold and mildew. Durable and compatible with moisture wicking finishes, and recommended for medical markets and indoor and outdoor applications.
+1 416 955 1881



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