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Flexible antimicrobial technology

Industry News | August 1, 2014 | By:

Ag Flex Technologies, Cranbury, N.J., has commercially launched Flexsil, a silver-based antimicrobial that can be woven, knit, carded or spun into any construction—and retain its effectiveness well beyond that of surface treatments. Ag Flex metalizes the base substrate (nylon 66), which then integrates the antimicrobial advantage into the fibers through a process called coordination bonding. When the bonded silver comes in contact with bacteria, it generates silver ions that kill the bacteria. Flexsil also controls odor and static generation and provides some protection from radiation. Brothers Subramanys Prasad and Satish Chandra, directors of Ag Flex Technologies, are selling both the platform technology and products made with Flexsil, including smart wearable textiles for monitoring heart or respiratory function.

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