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ShowStoppers 2014

Flame retardant treatments
Alexium Intl., Booth A2517

NEW: Eco-friendly flame retardant chemistry for fabrics with high synthetic content.

Advantages: Durable treatments are easily applied using conventional textile finishing equipment. Halogen-free, launderable, self-extinguishing, compatible with other fabric treatments, no drip, no melt and backcoating option available. Applications: workwear, military, upholstery, furnishing.
+1 864 603 1165,

BioThane®coated Kevlar®
Biothane Coated Webbing, Booth 2541

NEW: BioThane polyurethane coating can be applied to any Kevlar webbing from 1/4 to 4 inches wide.

Advantages: Protects webbing from UV rays that decrease tensile strength. Freezes the alignment of the Kevlar, providing maximum, long-term tensile strength. Cleanable, durable and waterproof.
+1 440 327 0485,

BioThane Ultra-Thin Reflective
Biothane Coated Webbing, Booth 2541

NEW: Ultra-Thin product range now comes with a 3M® reflective strip down the center.

Advantages: The highly reflective strip is “unpeelable” and protected on each edge by BioThane’s unique edgeguard design. Available in many vibrant colors and several widths, including 2-inch, 1-inch and 3/4-inch. Recommended for applications that require a balance of strength, comfort and visibility.
+1 440 327 0485,

Dakota Coatings Inc., Booth A2727

NEW: Cost-effective and eco-friendly adhesive powder alternative.

Advantages: Combines thermosetting and thermoplastic advantages to offer high adhesion strength and better temperature resistance than PE, PES and PA. Eco-friendly alternative for phenolic resin. Applications include automotive, building and carpet industries.
+1 843 576 9566,

Odor Buster
IOSSO Products, Booth 948

NEW: Odorless product neutralizes and eliminates all types of odors.

Advantages: Permanently stops odors on contact and removes all types of odors without using perfumes or fresheners to mask them. Spray directly on fabric, carpeting, clothing or cushions, or into the air. Good for soft and hard surfaces, and safe around children and pets.
+1 847 437 8400,

Coating Solutions
Lubrizol, Booth A2700

NEW: Solutions for unique coatings that enhance textile performance.

Advantages: Myflam™, Performax™ and PrintRite™ compounds for textile coating applications including technical, transportation, apparel and home furnishing fabrics. Solutions can be custom formulated to enable unique multi-functional characteristics that improve substrate performance.
+1 216 447 5880,

Reflective glitter coating
Spectro Coating Corp., Booth 955

NEW: Water-based urethane coating with glitter as a reflective.

Advantages: Soft, durable and machine washable custom coating can be applied to most material, including rolled goods such as fabric, nonwovens and films. The glitter reflects light, will not shed and is available in several colors. Recommended for safety applications.
+1 978 227 3035,

Urethane coating with
IR-reflective pigments
Spectro Coating Corp., Booth 955

NEW: Water-based urethane coating with IR-reflective pigments.

Advantages: Durable, breathable, custom coating is recommended for outdoor applications. Contains UV-inhibitors and is waterproof, allowing water vapor escape while preventing rain from penetrating the surface. The reflective pigments reflect the sun’s heat, allowing the substrate to remain cool. Available in custom colors.
+1 978 227 3035,

Silpure FBR-6
Ultra-Fresh, Booth A2305

NEW: Silver-based antimicrobial technology applicable to both synthetic and natural fibers.

Advantages: Protects textiles from odors, staining and degradation caused by microbial spoilage. Compatible with other textile finishes, designed to co-apply with fluorocarbons for extended durability, U.S. EPA-registered, BPD-compliant, Oeko-Tex®-listed. Applications include medical textiles, high-performance fabrics, safety and protective equipment and household textiles.
+1 416 955 1881,

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