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ShowStoppers 2014

Marine canvas
Ameritex Fabric Systems, Booth 1054

NEW: Brand new canvas manufactured
to exact original specifications.

Advantages: Original equipment supplier has access to thousands of original boat patterns, allowing the new canvas to be manufactured to exact specifications and fit like a glove when replacing old, worn-out canvas, and saving time, labor, overhead and inventory. Highest-quality materials are used for frames, fittings and fabrics.
+1 941 747 1900,

Infinity Canopy
Infinity Canopy, Booth 1022

NEW: First and only modular slide-on wire canopy system of its kind, ready to install
out of the box.

Advantages: Unique modular design allows it to fit to any space and be modified infinitely, based on shade needs. Does not require pre-measurement or custom fabrication, can be easily assembled as a single or multi-color canopy with uniform or varying width sections. Allows for additional panels, cables and accessories such as fans or LED lights.
+1 310 420 7538,

Industrial packaging and textile products
Polytex Plastics Co., Ltd., Booth 1010

NEW: Full range of top-quality packaging
and textile products.

Advantages: Products include: bulk bags; self-standing bags; slings; container liners; PE/PVC tarpaulins; construction covers and nets; scaffolding, debris, safety and shade nets; agricultural covers and nets; weed mats; bird nets; garden products; and geosynthetics. Products are manufactured from factories strategically located in Korea, China and Vietnam.
+82 2406 7964,

Style 2-992AA Vectran® sleeve
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: Arm protection sleeve made from
strong Vectran fiber.

Advantages: Offers cut, slash, abrasion and chemical agent resistance over a wide range of temperatures and when wet. Available water repellent finish reduces the penetration of hot liquids to the skin. Offered in neutral or black, with or without the thumbhole, single- or double-ply and in custom lengths.
800 327 7695,

Style 1095AA with reflective
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: High-visibility, acrylic
hats and headbands.

Advantages: Reflective stripes or graphics reflect car headlights, enhancing visibility of the wearer at night. Additional water repellent treatment provides protection against the elements, keeping the head dry. Available in several colors and hi-vis shades, and recommended for joggers, walkers, cyclists and highway and utility workers.
800 327 7695,

Style 2-1590AA fiberglass/Kevlar® sleeve
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: High-tenacity arm protection sleeve
made with fiberglass/Kevlar.

Advantages: Retains its strength after exposure to heat. Available water repellent finish reduces the penetration of hot liquids to the skin. Provides cut, slash and chemical agent resistance. Offered in a neutral color, with or without the thumbhole, single- or double-ply and in custom lengths.
800 327 7695,

SC4500 screen with zipper
Sunair Awnings & Solar Screens,
Booth 1123

NEW: Screen with new “U” channel track.

Advantages: The “U” channel addition to the regular zipper track offers easy mounting on uneven columns or between walls. Saves installation time and delivers a cleaner look and finish of the system as it is installed on the wall. Recommended for new construction and columns where the track will be hidden.
800 548 0408,

IFAI member benefits
Business AdvantEdge, Booth 643

NEW: Discounts and value-added
business services.

Advantages: Grainger offers IFAI members 5 percent off catalog pricing and standard shipping, in addition to discounts on products in categories including furniture and hospitality, adhesives and sealants, and material handling. Other discount suppliers include HP, UPS, Office Depot/Max and Staples, ADP payroll processing, Sprint Mobile, ExxonMobil, Holiday Station stores, UniFirst, several credit card merchant programs, Big Bark Graphics for print and branded marketing, and Constant Contact.
888 734 3343,

Scorpion XL Wide Type
Alutech United, Booth 1004

NEW: Addition to pleated retractable screen system line.

Advantages: The Scorpion XL Wide Type allows a continuous panel to cover the span of 90 inches in width with one screen. Other systems need two units to cover a similar span. Less obtrusive with a faster installation.
+1 941 359 8042, www.

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