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Fabrics, fibers and films

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ShowStoppers 2014

ABC Industries Inc., Booth 1728

NEW: BT-1 & BT-2 packaging fabrics.

Advantages: BT-1 single-sided and BT-2 double-sided, brushed polyester fabrics are engineered for transporting Class A automotive finished goods. Constructed of three-ply and four-ply, respectively, laminated components to conform to virtually any shape. Lighter weight but stronger and more cost-effective than disposable packaging.
+1 574 267 5166,

3-D polyester mesh
American Plastics, Booth 2053

NEW: 3D mesh fabric made as a sandwich.

Advantages: Two 100 percent polyester mesh layers sandwich thousands of monofilaments. Meets CAL 117 and European flame-retardant treatment standards.

+1 209 834 0287,

Spacer mesh
American Plastics, Booth 2053

NEW: Spacer mesh with TPU and PU laminate.

Advantages: Water-repellent and breathable mesh offers comfort to the human body by avoiding peak pressure. It does not compress under significant load, allowing air to move between the user and the cushion to keep skin dry and cool. For wheelchair use in North America and Europe.
+1 209 834 0287,

Arrigoni SpA, Booth 637

NEW: Shading and screening net fabric.

Advantages: Net fabric is UV-stabilized and made of 100 percent high-density polyethylene, monofilament and tape. Available in nine colors in standard rolls, and in 5 ounces per square yard. Sheets supplied on special request with specific finishes for tensioning. For applications including shade structures and sails.
+39 031 803 200,

BainTex 500
Bainbridge Intl. Inc., Booth 1047

NEW: Fabric designed for the rough and tumble of professional motorsports.

Advantages: Awning and canopy fabric is durable and lightweight with a stabilized and balanced coating that is print-receptive on both sides. Flame retardant treatments meet NFPA 701 & CA Admin. Code Title 19 standards.
+1 781 821 2600,

900D PVC-coated digital camo polyester
Canwil Textiles Inc., Booth 725

NEW: Digital camo polyester with PVC coating.

Advantages: Coated with PVC on one side, 900D DTY polyester is around 12.3 ounces per square yard. Recommended for backpacks and sacks.
+1 678 985 5434,

1680D PU-coated digital camo polyester
Canwil Textiles Inc., Booth 725

NEW: Digital camo polyester with PU coating.

Advantages: Coated with urethane on one side, 1680D FDY polyester is around 8.8 ounces per square yard. Recommended for backpacks and sacks.
+1 678 985 5434,

Ripstop polyester
Canwil Textiles Inc., Booth 725

NEW: High-tenacity ripstop polyester.

Advantages: Coated on one side, 840D ripstop polyester has high tensile and tear strength and meets flame retardant standard NFPA 701. Recommended for large tarpaulin applications.
+1 678 985 5434,

Textured polyester
Canwil Textiles Inc., Booth 725

NEW: Lightweight textured polyester.

Advantages: Coated on two sides, polyester is water repellent, mildew- and UV light-resistant and soft hand with high tensile strength. Meets flame retardant standard CPAI-84. Recommended for wrapping insulation batting in indoor applications.
+1 678 985 5434,

UV-stabilized yarn
Changzhou Xinzhanjiang, Booth 923

NEW: Eco-friendly, UV-stabilized yarn.

Advantages: Versatile, stable polyester filament yarn can be dyed in specific colors for outdoor shade fabrics, with guaranteed colorfastness. Residual resistance, after solar exposure, is comparable to traditional acrylic products. Maintains intrinsic properties of the polymers without post-treatments.
+86 137 01501676,

Directex, Booth 2435

NEW: Cost-effective polyester for outdoor cover and body armor industries.

Advantages: Mildew-resistant, PU-coated, 600D solution-dyed polyester available in 13 colors. Recommended for applications including boat, ATV and snowmobile covers and body armor.
+1 256 235 2220,

EPT Xtrm Ply® expanded TPU
Engineered Polymer Technologies, Booth A2724

NEW: Unique membrane offers reduced gravity and added thickness.

Advantages: Provides all of the physical benefits and performance of a traditional TPU membrane, except specific gravity is reduced by 50 percent and thickness is tripled while maintaining the standard membrane weight. Resistant to high and low temperatures, extreme abrasion and punctures. Available as a membrane or reinforced substrate.
+1 401 822 7762,

37 Plus marine fabric
Enviratex, a Rose Brand Co., Booth 1113

NEW: Technically-advanced marine fabric.

Advantages: Durable fabric produced with proprietary conditioning of polyester yarns, improving colorfastness, water column and weatherability. For fabricating dodgers, enclosures, biminis and covers.
+1 201 403 3098,

Ad Hoc
Enviratex, a Rose Brand Co., Booth 1113

NEW: European upholstery fabric newly introduced to the U.S.

Advantages: Durable fabric for maritime and outdoor furniture is made of high-tech, UV-resistant yarn. Available in a range of colors, patterns and widths, it offers water resistance and strong lightfastness and memory properties, with no permanent sagging.
+1 201 403 3098,

Seasilk Light marine fabric
Enviratex, a Rose Brand Co., Booth 1113

NEW: Lightweight marine fabric.

Advantages: Technically-advanced marine fabric is significantly lighter in weight than similar fabrics but meets or exceeds strength and weather durability specifications. Recommended for fabricating dodgers, enclosures, biminis and covers, it also offers excellent recovery memory.
+1 201 403 3098,

Seasilk Plus marine fabric
Enviratex, a Rose Brand Co., Booth 1113

NEW: Antimicrobial-coated marine fabric.

Advantages: Technically-advanced fabric is coated on the underside with a white anti-fungal and antimicrobial treatment while offering sun protection and weather durability. The white coating improves UV and radiation protection while maintaining a bright interior. For fabrication of dodgers, enclosures, biminis and covers.
+1 201 403 3098,

Sunvas awning fabric
Enviratex, a Rose Brand Co., Booth 1113

NEW: Modern sun shade made from high-tech polyester weave.

Advantages: Awning fabric features excellent memory recovery, vibrant, fade-resistant colors and resistance to weather, water and UV light. Versatile and economical due to its longevity. Up to 126 inches in width.
+1 201 403 3098,

Style 280 polyester knit mesh
Jason Mills, Booth 2549

NEW: 60-inch-wide, 100 percent polyester knitted mesh.

Advantages: Made with 100 percent high-tenacity polyester exclusively for health care applications such as slings, with unique knit structures specifically designed to stop runs in the material. Meets strict standards of tear resistance, tensile strength, elongation and burst requirements. Heat-set, fire-retardant, dyed to match any color.
+1 732 651 7200,

Style 409 spacer fabric
Jason Mills, Booth 2549

NEW: 70-inch wide, 100 percent polyester spacer fabric.

Advantages: Soft spacer fabric for patient sling applications meets CAL 117 fire retardant standard. Load bearing up to 1,000 pounds, washable with low shrinkage.
+1 732 651 7200,

Style 501 polyester fabric
Jason Mills, Booth 2549

NEW: 120-inch, 100 percent polyester fabric.

Advantages: White fabric is used as a simulator screen, making the width seamless. Meets NFPA 701 large-scale fire retardant standard. High resolution, high impact, long-lasting, low noise, doesn’t dimple. Stock program available.
+1 732 651 7200,

Style 1910 polyester knit mesh
Jason Mills, Booth 2549

NEW: 60-inch wide, 100 percent
polyester mesh.

Advantages: Made with 100 percent high-tenacity polyester exclusively for health care applications such as slings. Meets CAL 117 fire retardant standard and strict standards of tear resistance, tensile strength, elongation and burst requirements. Heat-set, dyed to match any color.
+1 732 651 7200,

Style 1925 polyester knitted mesh
Jason Mills, Booth 2549

NEW: 60-inch wide, 100 percent polyester knitted mesh.

Advantages: Application for wheelchair seating covers. Meets European fire-retardant standards. Dyed black, medium-soft finish.
+1 732 651 7200,

PVC knife-coated tarpaulin fabric
Kaya Plastik, Booth 950

NEW: Versatile and durable material for inflatables, tents, awnings and truck covers.

Advantages: Knife-coated tarpaulin can be made in matte, glossy or embossed, in any color, weight-per-square-meter and width. Recommended for truck coverings, awnings and manufacturing of tents and flexible hoses, ducts and pipes.
+90 212 735 3940,

Keyston Bros. Inc., Booth 819

NEW: Super-translucent polyester backlit film.

Advantages: Smooth surface and hard acrylic topcoat give Awnmax an easy-to-clean surface that stays cleaner longer. Scrim is fully anti-wick treated, so moisture will not penetrate the fabric when nicks or edges are exposed. Weldable and flame-retardant, film is 80 inches wide and 19 ounces per square yard.
+1 954 594 2756,

STAM 6002 black awning vinyl
Keyston Bros. Inc., Booth 819

NEW: Premium, textured vinyl surface.

Advantages: Vinyl surface offers a contemporary textile aspect with an acrylic-looking topcoat. With a width of 102 inches, it offers versatility for large awning installations. Now available in black, it offers flexibility, dirt resistance and easy installation and handling.
+1 954 594 2756,

Tribal and Harbor Town outdoor furniture fabrics
Keyston Bros. Inc., Booth 819

NEW: Two additions to the Watercolor Outdoor Seating Collection.

Advantages: New fabrics add depth to the Watercolor Collection offering multiple seating surfaces for various outdoor spaces. Tribal fabric adds a sophisticated southwestern and earthy flare. Harbor Town brings a soft, beach cottage feel.
+1 954 594 2756,

Weathermax® FR linen
Keyston Bros. Inc., Booth 819

NEW: Solution-dyed, fire-retardant fabric.

Advantages: Combines the performance of WeatherMax 80 fabric with flame-resistance properties that meet or exceed stringent fire code requirements. Recommended for awnings, tents and other outdoor applications requiring long-term color retention, protection from the elements and resistance to heat and flames. Fabric is 60 inches wide and 9.75 ounces per square yard.
+1 954 594 2756,

MedTextra™ fabric system
MedTextra, Booth A2814

NEW: Stay-wet fibers for high-value
filters and fabrics.

Advantages: Creates a balance between moisture, airflow and virus-scale filtration. Fibers capture water from the air and stay moist, making them sticky and self-cleaning for extended periods in all climates. Active coatings, such as antimicrobials, won’t dry out and stop working. For medical, industrial and consumer health applications.
+1 612 701 8153,

Reflective narrow fabrics
Metlon Corp., Booth A2825

NEW: Reflective material in custom
colors and widths.

Advantages: Polyester grosgrain ribbon
with segmented reflective material is manufactured by slitting 3M™ Scotchlite™ Reflective Material No. 5510 Segmented
Trim to varying narrow widths in more than
60 colors. The reflective material can also
be laminated to the ribbon surface.
+1 401 467 3435,

Digitally printed fabric
MMI Textiles Inc., Booth A2215

NEW: Digitally printed fabric
on multiple substrates.

Advantages: Digitally printed fabric on substrates including NYCO and nylons enables the printing of custom designs with fast lead times and minimums as low as 10–20 yards. Features additional capabilities to meet IR specifications and be printed back-to-back.
+1 440 899 8050,

Reflective narrow fabrics
National Webbing Products Co.,
Booth 1400

NEW: High-visibility, eco-friendly
reflective fabrics.

Advantages: Enhances visibility on safety, outdoor and pet products. Material can be woven into polypro, nylon and polyester constructions or sonically welded to nylon or polyester webbing. Eco-friendly options include bamboo and organic cotton, which use sustainable fibers and earth-friendly dyes. Recycled polyester is made with yarn from plastic containers.
+1 516 346 4636,

Nonwoven TPU fabric
Nike IHM, Booth A2515

NEW: Durable fabric for applications that demand high-performance properties.

Advantages: Nonwoven TPU fabric is breathable, stretchable and water-resistant.Can be fabricated by sewing or thermal or RF welding. Custom surface patterns can be imparted to the fabric during processing to achieve a variety of appearances.
+1 636 939 1378,

Basalt fabric
Olbo & Mehler Tex, Booth A2614

NEW: Basalt fabric with heat resistance
up to 1,300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Advantages: Basalt fabric with continuous filament in warp and weft for applications such as heat insulation, fire resistance, mats and curtains for fire protection, geogrids for road and land reinforcements, windmill blade production and boat building.
+49 661 103-350,

Phifertex® Contract Line
Phifer Inc., Booth 1346

NEW: Sling outdoor furniture fabrics for commercial and hospitality markets.

Advantages: High-performance, maintenance-free PVC fabrics designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of stain-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. GREENGUARD Gold-certified collection is recommended for awning, umbrella and new exterior applications.
+1 205 345 2120,

SheerWeave® Infinity 2™ 1 percent
Phifer Inc., Booth 1346

NEW: One percent open,
full basketweave fabric.

Advantages: New to the Infinity 2 line of 100 percent recyclable PVC- and lead-free window shade fabrics woven from the core yarn, synthetic or natural, born out of post-industrial waste by-products. Designed to help conserve energy, harness natural light and maintain interior comfort levels. Thin, lightweight, available in nine neutral colors in 63- and 98-inch widths. Certified to GREENGUARD standards.
+1 205 345 2120,

SheerWeave® with Dow Ecolibrium™
Phifer Inc., Booth 1346

NEW: Sun control fabrics made with Dow Ecolibrium bio-based plasticizers.

Advantages: Dow Ecolibrium bio-based plasticizers are made from 98 percent renewable feedstock and offer a phthalate-free alternative to shades made with traditional plasticizers. Fabrics manage the sun’s heat and glare, improve air conditioning efficiency and protect interior furnishings from fading. Styles 4000, 4100 and 4400 offered in neutral colors and openness factors from 3 to 5 percent.
+1 205 345 2120,

RecScreen 5000P
Recasens USA, Booth 743

NEW: Vinyl-coated, high-tenacity polyester mesh fabric.

Advantages: Premium-quality fabric with a 5 percent openness factor and dimensional stability in a wide range of temperatures is recommended for demanding exterior applications such as zipper screens. Flexible screen rolls up smoothly and tightly in compact housing. Highly uniform yarns and precision weaving yield high visibility, despite the high shade factor.
+1 336 269 9807,

Aqualast solution-dyed polyester
Rochford Supply, Booth 1951

NEW: 600D, 100 percent solution-dyed polyester marine fabric with urethane coating.

Advantages: Fabric for applications requiring UV protection, including boat covers, bimini tops, boat storage covers, truck bed covers, luggage and camping enclosures. Features a five-year warranty and is 7.3 ounces per yard and 60 inches wide.
+1 763 447 6600,

Aquatime acrylic-coated polyester
Rochford Supply, Booth 1951

NEW: Water-repellent and UV-resistant
marine fabric.

Advantages: Fabric for marine applications features a unique color coating enhanced with a proprietary clear coating on both sides, virtually eliminating any possibility of color transfer or rub-off. Features a five-year warranty and is 9.5 ounces per yard and 60 inches wide.
+1 763 447 6600,

745 FR
Sattler AG, Booth 835, A2706

NEW: Flame-retardant, PVC-coated membrane.

Advantages: High-gloss top varnish ensures self-cleaning properties and protects the fabric against aging. Easy to handle during welding process, due to flatness of the fabric panels. Offers durability, UV-resistance and color and weather fastness, and is 18.9 ounces per square yard. Width of 98 inches allows wider fabric panels and reduces number of seams.
866 992 9646,

Sauleda S.A., Booth 1543

NEW: 100 percent, solution-dyed, high-quality acrylic fabric.

Advantages: White & Colors Collection features delicate, harmonious designs in a range of pure whites and rich, vibrant colors. Treated for stain and mildew resistance and oil repellency, and prevents condensation from heat and humidity. Recommended for indoor and oudoor upholsteries.
+34 933 39 71 50,

Sauleda S.A., Booth 1543

NEW: 100 percent, solution-dyed
acrylic outdoor fabric.

Advantages: Fabric dyeing process impregnates the fiber core to provide a range of shining, long-lasting colors. In compliance with the ISO 4920 Standard, all Masacril fabrics undergo a spray test to determine the resistance and endurance to superficial wetting, ensuring the fabrics dry quickly and prevent dust accumulation. Easy to clean and recommended for awnings, marine applications and outdoor furniture.
+34 933 39 71 50,

Shelter-Rite® Tite
Seaman Corp., Booth 2035

NEW: Lightweight, pretension-coated fabric for permanent tension structures.

Advantages: Pretension, weft-inserted knitted fabric features UV-resistant coating and a PVDF top finish. Prevents sagging and tears, resists dirt and stains for lasting aesthetics, carries environmental loads and is easily repairable. Meets standard codes ASTM E84, California Fire Marshal, NFPA 701, ULC S102 and S109 and ASTM D6413.
+1 330 202 4434,

136-inch-wide Big Tex
Seattle Textile Co., Booth 1444

NEW: Wide, vinyl-coated polyester
as a stock item.

Advantages: Save the time and labor required to assemble large projects by using strong and durable 136-inch wide vinyl, offered in both 18- and 22-ounce weights and in multiple colors. Originally developed for the truck tarpaulin industry, it is also recommended
for rollover tarps.
+1 206 233 0595,

Big Tex Plus
Seattle Textile Co., Booth 1444

NEW: 61-inch, 18-ounce, vinyl-coated polyester with special matte acrylic surface treatment.

Advantages: Surface treatment offers several advantages over traditional coated vinyl: repels dirt, is easier to clean, lasts longer, has better UV resistance and is printable with most large format digital printing technologies. Applications include customized outfield wall pads for ball fields, individualized pool covers and printed truck side curtains.
+1 206 233 0595,

Fire-resistant digital camouflage
Seattle Textile Co., Booth 1444

NEW: Coated 18-ounce, fire-resistant vinyl with digital camouflage pattern.

Advantages: Coated vinyl with a matte, acrylic lacquer top coating is stronger and holds up better under harsh conditions than laminated material. For applications needing to blend into the environment or be less visible, such as tents or inflatables.
+1 206 233 0595,

TPU-coated fabric
Shanghai YongLi Belting Co. Ltd.,
Booth A2412

NEW: Green-colored, TPU-coated fabric.

Advantages: High-performance fabric with special TPU material can reduce fuel permeability and volatilization up to 80 percent, compared to normal TPU-coated fabric. Offers high odor and gasoline resistance and is recommended for flexible fuel containments.
+86 21 5988 2086,

PVC-coated and laminated fabric
Sijia Group, Booth A2323

NEW: High-strength, abrasion-resistant
TPU fabric.

Advantages: Durable fabric is fire-retardant, UV-, temperature- and weather-resistant. Available in 14-, 18-, 22-, 25 and 30-ounce weights and 61–126-inch widths. Applications include tarpaulin, inflatable boats and toys, construction membranes, truck covers, garments, waders, athletic bags and tents.
+86 158 60283367,

Sommers Plastics Products Co. Inc., Booth 604

NEW: Genuine Italian stone shaved thin and ply-laminated with fabric and resin backing.

Advantages: First genuine stone that can be cut and sewn. Sheets sized 2 feet-by-4 feet fit in a wide range of patterns made from schist stones such as mica and slate. Easily handled and becomes highly malleable when warmed. Recommended for applications from fashion accessories to interior design, particularly where weight load is an issue, such as aviation, motor homes, yachts, trains and doors.
Photo credit: Jack Georges Leathergoods, Passaic, N.J.
800 225 7677,

Flock with neoprene backing
Spectro Coating Corp., Booth 955

NEW: Neoprene backing laminated to a flocked polyester fiber.

Advantages: Used for product protection and floor mats, the flock is durable, easy to clean and washable, and will not scratch, damage or snag surfaces. Printable through heat transfer printing or digital printing with sublimation dyes. Available in a 60-inch width and custom flock colors and embossings. The neoprene provides shock protection and can be a custom thickness.
+1 978 227 3035,

Waterproof, flocked nylon ripstop
Spectro Coating Corp., Booth 955

NEW: 70D, urethane-coated nylon ripstop treated with water repellent.

Advantages: Designed as a temporary or intermittent cover for outdoor applications. Lightweight, machine washable and easy-to-clean fabric with nylon flock on the inside will not snag on sharp edges or corners, allowing the material to easily be put on or taken off. Can be compressed to allow for easy transport or storage. Available in several colors and
6.5 ounces per square yard, with a 58-inch cutting width.
+1 978 227 3035,

Strataglass, Booth 1214

NEW: 20-mil, clear-pressed polyvinyl sheets.

Advantages: Designed for applications such as window wall and skylight roll-up panels for temporary tent-style structures and seasonal restaurant, commercial and high-end residential enclosures, it can be easily assembled by sewing or welding. The pressing process creates a smooth surface that prevents the buildup of dirt, atmospheric pollution and water flow marks. Fire-resistant, low-stretch, low shrinkage and high performing in extreme temperatures.
+1 856 912 5003,

Style 119AA heavyweight fabric
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: Textured, dual-toned fabric.

Advantages: Durable, heavyweight fabric for upholstery applications including office chairs and car seat covers. Abrasion-resistant, functional, stylish, available in custom color combinations. Optional durable water-repellent treatment enhances soil release.
800 327 7695,

Style 804IL Nomex® knit fabric
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: Soft hand, flame-resistant fabric in custom colors.

Advantages: Offered in custom colors in 40-yard dyelots. Resistant to high temperatures and is self-extinguishing. Available with water repellent treatment to take protection to the next level. Applications include seat covers, racing apparel, turnout gear, liners, hoods, undergarments and balaclavas.
800 327 7695,

Style 2-2300AA PP fabric
Straus Knitting Mills Inc., Booth A2827

NEW: Lightweight, tubular-knit PP fabric.

Advantages: Low-density fabric is comfortable to the wearer, offering wicking characteristics, durability and resistance to stains, chemicals, mildew, stretching and shrinking. Applications include base layers, active wear, beanies and hoods.
800 327 7695,

Tecasafe® Plus knits
TenCate Geosynthetics, Booth A2619

NEW: Easy-to-wear, lightweight fabric feels like regular attire.

Advantages: Knits offer HRC1 and HRC2 levels of protection and Coolderm™ Technology to provide active moisture wicking, keeping the wearer cool and dry in hot and humid conditions. Unique tri-fiber blend provides protection against arc flash and flash fire hazards.
800 241 8630,

3T fiber
Tepar Tekstil, Booth A2504

NEW: Advanced polymer that can
be spun into fibers.

Advantages: Fabrics produced from PTT fibers clean easily, dry quickly and have superior durability. Unique combination of properties includes stretch, high recovery after compression, softness, bulk and the ability to be easily dyed and keep vivid colors longer.
+90 212 7710338,

Nylon 66 HT air jet textured yarn
Tepar Tekstil, Booth A2504

NEW: Strong, long-lasting DURAFIL®
branded yarns.

Advantages: DURAFIL 100 and 200 feature a unique scrub consistency, are easy to clean, resistant to tears and abrasion, coated on the backside with polyurethane, impregnated with fluorocarbon and comply with Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. For applications including luggage, footwear and performance and protective apparel.
+90 212 7710338,

Sunbrella® Graphics System
thermal lettering film
Trivantage, Booth 1418

NEW: SGS thermal lettering film
for lettering only.

Advantages: Black SGS thermal lettering film in black full rolls of 25.153 yards. Intended only for lettering and not printable, the film’s adhesive layer is on the face side of the film, meaning that it has to be “reverse-plotted,” weeded and then applied to the fabric without the need for transfer tape. Can be used on all Glen Raven/Dickson® acrylic fabrics.
+1 336 586 1641,

Valmiera Glass UK Ltd., Booth A2405

NEW: A new generation of glass-fiber
silicone membranes.

Advantages: Features a new anti-dirt topcoat with a matte, silky look. Impregnated and coated with specially formulated, highly translucent silicones for use as internal and external textile membranes, curtains, canopies and awnings. Weatherproof, hydrophobic, dimensionally stable, odor-free, UV-resistant, long-lasting and easily cleaned.
+49 2115 029 383,

Advantage MVP Ripstop 18
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Flexible, 18-ounce,
knife-coated PVC vinyl.

Advantages: Vinyl for durable industrial applications is equipped to handle adverse weather conditions and withstand great physical stress. Constructed with a double reinforced “Ripstop” thread to increase tear strength, it also features soft hand and a smooth, matte finish. Available in a 61-inch width and 75-yard rolls.
877 716 6651,

Advantage MVP 35
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Sturdy, 35-ounce PVC vinyl
for water containments.

Advantages: Durable, flexible vinyl is easily handled and features high tear, puncture and abrasion resistance. Treatments against UV light and mildew withstand adverse weather conditions, even while submerged in water.
877 716 6651,

StayFloat 80
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Complex, drop-stitch base fabric designed to hold air for long periods of time.

Advantages: High-strength, coated vinyl is resistant to punctures, tears, UV light, mildew and chlorine. Designed for long-term outdoor use for applications including air-inflated surf boards, rafts, docks and boats used in salt or filtered water. Available in a 2- and 4-inch drop-stitch opening and can be produced up to a 13-inch opening.
877 716 6651,

Suplex 24
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Durable, 24-ounce, PVC vinyl for
athletic roll-up gym mats.

Advantages: Designed with a nonwoven backing for easy bonding to foam, vinyl will accept a range of graphic applications on four popular colors. Treated for antimicrobial protection against mildew and fungus, CPSIA-certified for low lead levels and meets flame-retardant standards NFPA-701 and ASTM E-84.
877 716 6651,

SureSeal 115
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Durable, 5-ply PVC vinyl.

Advantages: Designed with a memory in the weft direction, which allows it to spring back to its original shape when bent. Dependable in extreme temperatures, it offers high tensile strength and resistance to tears, punctures and abrasions. Available in black with a maximum width up to 82 inches.
877 716 6651,

SureSeal Extreme 45
Value Vinyls, Booth 1717

NEW: Heavy-duty full panama base fabric.

Advantages: Low-friction vinyl fabric is built to increase the overall performance of any industrial application. Coated with treatments against UV light and mildew to withstand adverse weather conditions, and resistant to punctures, tears and extreme abrasions. Available in black with a 61-inch width.
877 716 6651,

Duraskin® biogas
Verseidag Seemee US, Booth 747

NEW: Resilient, innovative membranes.

Advantages: Specifically developed for the technical requirements of modern industrial plant construction, the material coating and top coat are formulated to retard methane gas penetration. High tensile strength and tear resistance. Available in a 98-inch width.
+1 973 252 1189,

Tempotest Star FR
Para’ Tempotest USA, Booth 2440

NEW: Fire-retardant fabric for awnings
and canopies.

Advantages: Tempotest Star FR is IMO compliant and passes NFPA 701-10 and MVSS 302 standards, while maintaining excellent colorfastness and a high degree of water resistance. It is treated with Para’s HI-CLEAN high performance finish to resist stains, enhance water resistance and provide dimensional stability. Available in 14 vibrant colors.
+1 972 512 3534,

Shibata TechnoTex Co. Ltd., Booth A2819

NEW: Layered textiles woven with metallic threads and fibers.

Advantages: The appearance and texture are the same as conventional textiles, but E-textiles conduct electricity. Thin, lightweight and flexible, they can be printed, laminated, treated and customized using conventional equipment. Applications include a touch sensor, health care, robotics and acoustics.
+81 586 64 8316,

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