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ShowStoppers 2014

Awning assist brace
Awning Assist Brace Sys. Inc.,
Booth 1119

NEW: Sturdy retractable awning support.

Advantages: Powder-coated aluminum pole ensures in-use retractable awnings remain secure while helping to reduce wear and tear to the awning caused by wind, as well as under-awning noise caused by wind resistance. Easy to assemble and install, designed to be “cut-to-size”and available in custom colors.
+1 705 799 2517,

Deco-Print by Thermopatch, Booth 505

NEW: Heat seal emblem digitally printed
in a full-color process.

Advantages: Digi-Line emblems provide a crisp, clean image digitally printed in a full-color process and can be produced in almost any shape or size. Quick and easy to apply, industrial washable and will not crack, fade or peel after application. For applications including shirts, jackets, bags and caps.
800 252 6555,

Plastic hardware
Gerald Schwartz Inc., Booth 2652

NEW: Berry-compliant hardware
in military colors.

Advantages: Products include 1-, 1.5-, and 2-inch side releases, loops, slide bars, D-rings and heavy duty ladder locks stocked in, but not limited to, military colors containing IR and UV.
770 493 9443,

Banana drawcord/shoelace
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Banana-shaped draw cord or shoelaces.

Advantages: The product’s banana shape is narrow in the middle to produce strength for the tie, with wide ends to offer easy grab for the hands. Available in multiple colors for apparel, shoe and sporting goods markets.
+1 661 257 6567,

Easy Tape®
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Durable tape offers strong,
long-lasting attachment.

Advantages: Molded hook and woven loop combination provides durable function for market demands that require strong attachment and long life cycle. For industries including medical and sporting goods.
+1 661 257 6567,

Hook and loop fabrication
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Fabrication with various materials, shapes and graphics.

Advantages: Fabrications and treatments applied to hook and loop products with various materials, shapes and graphics for both function and decoration. Customized designs for creativity and brand promotion. Recommended for industries including sporting goods, medical, apparel, shoes and equipment, due to its easy grab application.
+1 661 257 6567,

Iron-on hook and loop
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Hook and loop for products
without stitching.

Advantages: Special treatment is applied on woven hook and loop to create an attachment property activated by heat from an iron or heated rollers. Stitching is no longer a necessity for bonding the materials. Specifically for products designed for water resistance without stitching holes.
+1 661 257 6567,

See-through elastic tape
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Thick elastic tape with
a see-through effect.

Advantages: Clear monofilament and polyester section-dye yarn are applied to strong, durable tape for a colorful presentation. Different, customizable color arrangements are featured on both sides with a see-through effect.
+1 661 257 6567,

Waist band
Paiho North America Corp., Booth 2349

NEW: Decorative, exposable waist band.

Advantages: String waist band made of polyester and rubber thread for apparel products such as pants, shorts and dresses. Band with colorful designs is exposed rather than hidden inside apparel. Decorative and functional with a soft touch and look.
+1 661 257 6567,

DOT® Durable 316
Marine Grade Stainless
DOT Fasteners (Scovill), Booth 2027

NEW: Stainless steel snap fastener that withstands marine conditions.

Advantages: Resists harsh chemicals and provides improved performance and corrosive resistance in the most severe environments. Non-magnetic with a bright, shiny finish. With components made of heavy-duty 316 grade stainless steel, it provides a firm grip that will remain secure through years of use. Recommended for saltwater conditions.
+1 706 754 0512,

SUREFAS, next generation fasteners, Booth 915

NEW: Seawater-resistant press fastener.

Advantages: The only seawater-resistant press fastener is self-piercing, easy to install and available in 316 stainless steel. The internal spring is also made of high-quality duplex stainless steel to provide years of dependable and stable performance.
+31 184 69 44 56,

Gore® Tenara® sewing thread
W.L. Gore & Associates Inc., Booth 1847

NEW: High-performance thread for
high-speed sewing.

Advantages: Versatile, high-performance thread is designed for high-speed sewing for marine and outdoor products. Available in many colors and will not fade, stain or discolor. Resistant to UV light, mold, mildew, acid rain, cleaning solutions, saltwater and industrial pollutants. Lifetime warranty guarantees it will outlast the fabric into which it is sewn.
+1 410 506 5556,

30VF Industrial Zipper
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. – Tape Craft Corp., Booth 1935

NEW: One-of-a-kind, large, durable zipper for marine applications.

Advantages: Withstands extreme environments and features a stainless steel slider that prevents corrosion. If it breaks, it can be easily fixed with a replacement stainless steel element in the field, with no skill necessary. The zipper tape is manufactured with netting woven into the tape for easy attachment to a net or other substrate.
+1 770 421 2386,

YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. – Tape Craft Corp., Booth 1935

NEW: Unique fastener combination of a stainless steel stud with a stainless D-ring
and retainer clip.

Advantages: Allows for quick, secure application installations without the need for special tools or causing damage to the substrate surface. When the application is no longer needed, the entire component combination can be easily removed. Applications include signs and banners, awnngs and screens, marine and sporting goods, and automotive and RV aftermarkets.
+1 770 421 2386,

LB-PF Ultra High Strength Buckle
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. – Tape Craft Corp., Booth 1935

NEW: High-strength, plastic buckle.

Advantages: Provides high tensile strength in 1- and 1.5-inch sizes. Shock absorbing design provides high impact-resistant performance, and smaller length allows for design flexibility. Buckle can withstand up to 550 pounds and is recommended for medical safety lift vests.
+1 770 421 2386,

SP-35 FR Snap
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. – Tape Craft Corp., Booth 1935

NEW: NFPA 2112-certified, nylon standard-tension snap.

Advantages: Offers flame-retardant garment manufacturers a different look without having to comprise wearer safety. Non-conductive, non-corrosive, lightweight and self-piercing with no moving parts. Sockets and studs are .500 inches and can be attached to cap sizes 20 and 24. Available in black and navy and recommended for shirts, overalls and jackets for safety, petrochemical and electric utility workers.
+1 770 421 2386,

Tie stud
YKK (U.S.A.) Inc. – Tape Craft Corp., Booth 1935

NEW: Unique accessory for YKK SNAD® fasteners.

Advantages: Broadens the potential applications for securing a snap fastener without damaging a hard-surface substrate. A conventional wire is inserted through it and then secured to a SNAD socket adhered to the substrate. The entire component combination can be easily removed. Recommended for mounting signs, banners, secure bird netting and screens, building and grounds maintenance and the routing of wiring and cables.
+1 770 421 2386,

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