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Hohenstein Institute offers allergen-resistance testing

Industry News | October 22, 2014 | By:

Endorsed materials receive “House dust and mite barrier” quality label.

The Hohenstein Institute now offers allergen-resistance testing of mattress and
bed covers using real dust mite excrement as an accredited service.

During the test, all components of the encasing are covered with dust mite excrement and the movements of someone sleeping on it for eight hours are simulated. The volume of allergens from the dust mite excrement that passes through the textile, seams or zip of the encasing is measured, allowing exact information to be obtained about whether the critical level of two micrograms of allergen-the sensitization threshold-is exceeded during the night, posing a risk for allergy-sufferers.

The Hohenstein Institute is one of the few laboratories in the world able to carry out tests with living dust mites and their allergy-inducing excrement. Scientists in the department of Hygiene, Environment & Medicine endorse materials that have been tested for allergen-resistance with the “House dust and mite barrier” quality label. The label can be awarded to encasings which have been proven to keep the dust mite allergen “Der P1” away from a sleeping person so effectively that the sensitization threshold is not reached during any phase of sleep.

Source: Hohenstein Institute

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