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Q&A with Sadao Izumi

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Q: How did you come up with the
total heating system for roofs?

A: Every winter there are accidents where snow accumulation from roofs falls onto people and they die. My wife is from Osaka where it is not snowy. When we moved to Toyoma, which is snowy, she declared she would not stay here if we could not figure out a way to address this problem. I came up with a solution, and now our company is the leader in manufacturing this product in our area.

Q: How did you develop the rescue
body harness?

A: I was watching the news and saw that one of Japan Airlines’ aircraft had crashed. Although 500 people died, there was a little girl who was saved. They lifted her to the helicopter and her arm was hanging down, broken. I watched this and kept thinking, “Shouldn’t there be a way to rescue the victim while giving them a sense of safety?” So I developed a harness, and now our company manufactures this.

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