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LifeThreads introduces antimicrobial medical apparel

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Garments for patients and professionals reduce harmful bacteria concentrations by 99 percent.

Life sciences company LifeThreads LLC, New York, N.Y., has introduced a medical apparel product line treated with an EPA-registered antimicrobial active ingredient that protects the fabric from harmful pathogens found within institutional medical environments.

Designed for both patients and healthcare professionals, the garments have been shown to reduce harmful bacteria concentrations by 99.99 percent in extensive tests by ResInnova Laboratories.

LifeThreads’ technology incorporates zinc pyrithione, a fungistatic and bacteriostatic substance used in the manufacture of common dandruff shampoos and in the treatment of psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, into the textile during the manufacturing process. The antimicrobial additive is homogenously distributed throughout the polymer matrix and lasts the lifetime of the product.

All LifeThreads products are fluid repellant, and the treatment protects the entire surface of the product. No special handling or new protocols are required with LifeThreads products, and they can be laundered in a normal fashion. Products include lab coats, scrubs, scrub warm-up jackets and patient gowns, and are currently being rolled out in the northeastern United States and Florida, with plans for national distribution underway. The company plans to add bed linens and privacy curtains later this year.

Source: LifeThreads

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