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Huntsman, Daechun sign pact

Industry News, News | April 14, 2015 | By:

Huntsman Textile Effects will support the growth of Daechun Co. Ltd. with sustainability model.

Dye and chemical maker Huntsman Textile Effects has entered an agreement with Korean fabrics producer Daechun Co. Ltd. to streamline operations and train technical staff at its textile mill in Gyunggi Province. The partnership reinforces the mill’s growth as an eco-friendly export business.

Daechun has already adopted Huntsman’s technologies to improve its efficiency at Gyunggi. These include the NOVACRON® P reactive inks for textile printing and the CLARITE® ONE all-in-one pretreatment for peroxide bleaching. The company will optimize its chemical management processes from pretreatment to finishing and set up a waste print paste system.

Huntsman will carry out an operational audit called PIP on a need basis at Daechun’s facility, and recommend ways for the mill to improve productivity and profitability. The Huntsman PIP has proven capable of reducing overall energy consumption while increasing output by up to 30 percent and improving right-first-time performance by up to 95 percent. Huntsman will also work closely with Daechun to support product development and testing programs at Huntsman’s laboratories.

Source: Huntsman Textile Effects

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