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SCORE releases infographic on B2B sales processes

Industry News, News | June 8, 2015 | By:

Small business mentoring organization SCORE has released an infographic featuring statistics on which sources are providing small businesses with the best business-to-business (B2B) sales leads and what percentage of leads convert to each stage of the sales funnel. It also presents data on the most effective sales practices for small businesses, including the average number of sales calls made a day, the average response time to a web-based prospect, and how many customers choose the vendor that responds most quickly.

According to the collected data, 39 percent of the “best” sales leads come from outbound marketing, which include the practices of inside sales and telemarketing. The next most effective method is attending events such as trade shows and webinars, followed by online (search and testimonials), media (radio and TV) and social media. It also reveals that the average small business salesperson makes 50 calls per day and takes 39 hours to respond to a web-based inquiry.

Source: SCORE

Score Infographic-April2015-B2B_SalesLeads
Each year SCORE provides small business mentoring, workshops and education to more than 375,000 new small businesses. Its latest infographic displays statistics B2B sales processes.

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