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Outlast wins Top 10 Textile Innovations Award

Industry News, News | June 23, 2015 | By:

The trademark of Outlast™ Technologies LLC, a Golden, Colo., maker of phase-change materials, is “… not too hot … not too cold … just right.”™ The FabricLink Network, a trade group for textile businesses, agreed that Outlast’s “Universe” filling material of climate-regulating viscose fibers and downs was “just right” and selected the product as one of its Top 10 Textile Innovations Award winners for 2014–15.

The Universe filling material provides temperature regulation and natural loft, a combination suited for outerwear worn in athletic activities and changeable climates. Outlast fibers respond to changes in skin temperature and environment, continually absorbing, storing and releasing excess heat. On a warm day, Universe stores the wearer’s body heat; in a cold twilight, Universe releases the stored heat back to the wearer. Wicking technologies also manage excess moisture from sweating, but Outlast technology proactively manages skin temperature to prevent sweating in the first place.

Source: Outlast Technologies

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