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When textiles live long, service companies prosper

Markets | August 13, 2015 | By:

For textile service companies that provide linens, towels, uniforms and workwear to large institutional users, the longer an item survives its multiple industrial laundry cycles, the better. The Hohenstein Institute, Bonnigheim, Germany, has developed guidance and testing services to ensure that leased textiles hold value longer.

The wholesale price of Asian cotton has increased by approximately 15 percent, so frequent textile replacement can substantially reduce service companies’ profits. The main factors in maintaining leased textiles are the quality of the materials used and how they are professionally cleaned.

Hohenstein Quality Standard 701ff offers guidance about which fabrics may be suitable for long-term use, commercial washing and lease. Based on the standard, Hohenstein runs textiles through a modern washing laboratory to test mechanical properties, colorfastness and, for garments, fit and comfort.

Using a predictive model based on technical regulation RAL GZ 992, “Professional Textile Services—Quality Assurance,” Hohenstein Institute can predict which cotton textiles maintain value and have the longest service life.

Source: Hohenstein Institute

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