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AATCC announces changes to proficiency testing programs

Industry News, News | December 23, 2015 | By:

The AATCC will be implementing enhancements and changes to the AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs in 2016. The programs offer labs the opportunity to anonymously gauge their performance against that of hundreds of others around the globe.

Current program participants were asked what could be improved and some of those suggestions will be implemented immediately. The implementations include the following.

  • Labs receive specimens for evaluation using AATCC Evaluation Procedure (EP) 2, Gray Scale for Staining. The program will continue to include specimens for evaluation using EP1, Gray Scale for Color Change. Each round will now include three color change specimens with corresponding controls, plus three staining specimens and a control.
  • Future fiber samples in the Fiber program will include some common blends as well as more exotic combinations. Beginning in February 2016, an additional sample will be included for testing by TM20, Fiber Analysis: Qualitative.
  • The face side of sample fabrics will be labeled for easier identification and consistent testing.
  • Updated data sheets will better reflect proper reporting requirements and allow more detailed analysis of results.
  • Statistical explanations will be more detailed.

Visit the AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs for more information or to register.

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