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C8 phase-out prompts improvements in water-based coatings

Feature | March 22, 2016 | By:

APV Engineered Coatings, Akron, Ohio, is a custom coatings manufacturer, with growing sales in products for industrial fabrics. Founded in 1878, the company began promoting and engineering finishes for textiles the past 12-15 years-with a specific purpose.

“There were performance issues that needed to be addressed with a coatings,” says Erin Brown-Neff, director of marketing and business development.

A good part of the reason is the U.S. government’s phase-out of C8 (Perfluorooctanoic acid or PFOA), determined to be harmful to humans and the environment. C8 is highly effective, however, in repelling liquids, particularly oil-based substances. But with the PFOA shift, coaters and textile manufacturers are making the move to new finishes or coating technologies rather than continue by using C6 (or even C4) formulations, which are less effective than C8.

APV provides water-based and solvent-based treatments that can be used on vinyl and more recently, woven fabrics and leather seating. “Our Vynguard® Anti-graffiti coating is stain resistant, low in gloss and is flexible, but it also has abrasion performance so, in the case of leather, it can withstand further material processing, and maintain the leather’s soft feel,” she says.

In terms of its textile business, APV engineers coatings primarily in five major markets: automotive, marine, outdoor building products, seating and wall coverings.

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