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Artwork-inspired home interiors

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The My Country collection was developed in part by observing what customers are drawn to in a gallery space and translating that artwork into designs for home interiors. Photos: Bay Gallery Home.

Aboriginal art is one of the world’s oldest art forms, dating back 50,000 years. Today, it expresses the richness of Aboriginal culture and a diversity of experiences and beliefs. The sacred connection to the land is often expressed in the artwork, which depicts the landscape, plants and animals of Australia’s central desert.

Bay Gallery Home, the only dedicated Aboriginal art gallery in the United Kingdom, has represented artists from Australia’s Northern Territory since 2008. The gallery has long-standing relationships with Central Australian Aboriginal artists based on respect for their heritage and way of life.

Now Bay Gallery is making Central Australian Aboriginal artwork available for the home in My Country, a new collection that translates the artwork onto a range of wallpapers, tiles, furniture and rugs. Commissioned pieces are also available. The collection is intended to increase global awareness of this ancient culture and provide an additional revenue stream for artists, who are compensated for the original purchase of artwork and receive a percentage of the interiors sales.

The designs and symbols used in Aboriginal art are inspired by mapping myths, rituals and sacred typography. The sophisticated visual language is composed of layers of color, geometry, repetition and scale dynamics. My Country was created with the consideration for codes of conduct and spiritual sensibilities. For more, visit

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