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Natural wallpaper

Projects | October 1, 2017 | By:

The Rainbows collection offers a kaleidoscope of color to fit any design style. Photos: Omexco.

Take two unique natural materials and put them together, and the result is a stunning tapestry of color for a new wallpaper collection. Omexco, a Belgian designer of high-end wallcoverings, has introduced the one-of-a-kind Rainbows collection, made by weaving recycled sari silk with strips of bakbak (bark of the banana tree).

The deep colors of the silk alternate throughout—no one color combination is ever repeated. Tones of turquoise, lapis lazuli, fuchsia, scarlet red, chestnut, meringue white, pearl grey, anthracite, acidulated yellow and green highlight the collection; metallic accents of copper, white and yellow gold, silver and gold are available in different blends.

The bakbak, colored in chalk white, cinnamon and chestnut, provides a neutral complement to the rich and varied colors of the silk, softening or intensifying the rainbow of shades.

Two geometric motifs that complement the silk/bakbak coverings are also available, making it possible to combine different colors, structures and materials in one room. The motifs include squares of crushed paper printed in faded shades and glued on a nonwoven backing. The coverings are light resistant, FSC®-certified and ecologically printed using solar energy.

The silk/bakbak wallcovering comes in 110 cm (43.30-inch) widths, and the printed nonwoven covering is available 100 cm wide (39.37 inches). For more details, visit

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