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Pigment system reduces fabric surface temperature

Projects | November 1, 2017 | By:

A new pigment technology significantly reduces fabric surface temperature to enhance energy efficiency, improve comfort and extend fabric life. Photo: INCA Technology.

What if you could reduce the temperature in a tent or other fabric structure by as much as 30 degrees (F) simply by choice of fabric? A new technology may have the answer. INCA Technology, Atlanta, Ga., has introduced Solar Off-Loading Technology (SOLT), a pigment system that significantly reduces surface temperature. SOLT employs a proprietary process to enhance energy efficiency, extend fabric life and improve comfort levels.

The technology has been in development since the late 2000s; INCA was granted a patent in 2015. The focus has been on military applications including tents, tent covers and insulated medical bags. The company has worked with the military, specialty fabric manufacturers, independent testing facilities and universities to test SOLT and demonstrate that it consistently delivers thermal reduction benefits.

In a test of insulated medical bags, the temperature of the interior of the bags employing SOLT was 49.8 degrees (F), compared to 72.9 degrees for non-SOLT bags after six hours in an ambient air temperature of 120 degrees.

The SOLT pigment system, available in a wide range of colors, has also been tested for use in commercial shade cloth and is anticipated to have applications beyond the military, such as for housing in refugee camps, humanitarian situations and commercial tenting applications. For more information, visit

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