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Backpack repairs itself

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Available in gray or orange, the Wolverine Pack is meant for daily use and self-repairs small cuts and punctures. Photos: Slughaus.

What happens if you’re out on the trail and your backpack gets punctured? It’s not a problem if you’re carrying the Wolverine Pack, a utility pack made with a self-healing textile. Developed by Slughaus, a San Francisco, Calif.-based design firm, the Wolverine owes its healing capabilities to FuseFabric™ technology. The regenerative fabric is created using a weaving process that blends thicker, more durable threads with lighter, lower-density fibers. It’s finished with a polyurethane coating.

If the pack is punctured or gets a small cut, it can be repaired quickly with friction and heat. That means simply applying pressure by rubbing the damaged area with bare hands until the material melds back together.

The durable pack is also lightweight and expandable. Its roll-top design folds down to the size of a cell phone and expands up to seven inches by 22 inches to hold a daypack’s worth of gear. Roll it to just the size needed to avoid a floppy or overstuffed bag.

The Wolverine is water resistant up to 1 ATM so it can withstand accidental immersion and be used in light rain or snow. The six-inch tall double-layered base provides extra support and the pack comes with an easy-carry handle, removable nylon cross-shoulder strap and quick release clip. For more information, visit

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