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A smarter jacket for first responders

Projects | May 1, 2018 | By:

The CHASE LifeTech FR jacket
does more than look good—it has
the capacity to locate a missing emergency responder or monitor
vital signs in an emergency situation. Photos: Edgar Alvarez, Engadget.

Smart technology offers endless practical applications, but its potential for first responders has lifesaving possibilities. The technology company Nokia, working with South Korean apparel company Kolon and Czech Republic software developer GINA, has introduced a prototype jacket for police, firefighters and other emergency responders.

Called the CHASE (connected health and safety equipment) LifeTech FR (first responders), the jacket features modular sensors on the chest and sleeves that monitor data including temperature, heart rate, GPS/location and motion. The modules can be swapped out for other sensors or equipment as needed, such as a body cam or a carbon monoxide detector, and can be recharged using a microUSB.

As an individual is monitored, the data is transmitted to a base station for the GINA software management system to track in real time.

Kolon designed the jacket to be both practical and stylish. The trendy green fabric makes the jacket highly visible. It’s accented with black details, a fashionable zipper and a baggy hood. It also features 3M reflective details and GORE-TEX® fabric designed to be comfortable, breathable and waterproof. The jacket can be washed once the sensors are removed. For more information, visit


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