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GlideWear solutions for children

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Low-friction clothing helps children with a rare skin disease lead more active lives. Photo: Tamarack Habilitation Technologies.

Imagine that your child’s skin was so delicate that a minor fall, a scratch or even a light touch could cause painful blisters, open sores or even a serious infection from a wound. This is the reality for children who suffer from epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic disorder that causes the skin to injure easily. With skin as fragile as the wings of a butterfly, these youngsters are often described as “butterfly children.”

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies, a Minneapolis-based medical technology innovator, has a solution that helps children with the disease be active kids again. The GlideWear clothing line features patented technology that is low friction and protects areas of the body that are especially at risk, including elbows and knees. The two-layer fabric absorbs friction by gliding smoothly against itself instead of the child’s skin.

GlideWear shirts and pants were designed with input from health care providers and families dealing with EB. Made of 86 percent nylon and 14 percent spandex, the clothing features flat, smooth seams placed away from high-risk areas and a nonbinding design that makes it easy to put on without scraping the skin. Bandages and wound dressings are easily accommodated.

The breathable material is comfortable to wear and feels good against the skin. Pillowcases, pads and sheets are also available. For more information, visit

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