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Triple Chill cooling denim

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Cool to the touch, the denim features a patent-pending technology that keeps jeans comfortable even on hot days. Photo: brrr°.

Denim is always in style—but it’s not always the first choice in the heat of the summer. A new line that keeps its cool could change all that. Developed by Atlanta, Ga.-based performance fabric innovator brrr°, the textile is designed to move heat and moisture away from the body, alleviating that hot and sweaty feel.

The secret is brrr° technology’s Triple Chill Effect™, using a three-prong attack. First, the fabric features natural minerals that draw heat away from the skin, cooling on contact and keeping the body cool. Second, active wicking moves moisture away from the body 2.5 times more efficiently than denim made of 99 percent cotton and two percent spandex, according to the manufacturer. Finally, the textile dries more quickly—up to 47 percent faster than that standard pair of jeans.

Working together, these technologies enhance the cooling effect. In tests, brrr° denim felt 38 percent cooler than other cooling denims. In a simulated environment, the fabric reduced skin temperature by almost 3°F over 20 minutes of normal wear.

The company is launching a line of the cooling denim in a partnership with Artistic Denim Mills, to be showcased in November at the Kingpins Show in New York. For more information, visit

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