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Going solar with Tommy Hilfiger

October 1st, 2018 / By: / Projects

Fashion and function blend seamlessly in a Tommy Hilfiger solar tote and clutch that powers a mobile phone. Photo: Pvilion.

Most people have had this experience: You are out in public and suddenly realize your smart phone battery desperately needs recharging, but there is nowhere to plug it in.

Pvilion, a Brooklyn-based designer and manufacturer of flexible PV solar structures, and designer Tommy Hilfiger have collaborated to develop a solar-powered tote and clutch that provides mobile charging on-the-go. The tote features a removable solar clutch that makes charging easy, with a battery and USB port to power a phone.

The 13-inch by 10-inch by 17-inch bag is made of durable saffiano-textured leather. Solar cells that match the leather’s texture are integrated in the design, creating a smooth and subtle surface that makes the cells practically invisible.

Done in the iconic red and blue Tommy Hilfiger color palette, the tote’s front panel has a star-shaped cutout that allows sunlight to charge the battery hidden inside. The phone begins to charge as soon as sunlight hits the bag. For more information, visit

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