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Reversible all-weather tent

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Designed for extreme weather conditions, weatherHYDE is not only for recreational use—it was designed to protect vulnerable populations needing shelter. Photos: Billion Bricks Ltd.

Cool in the summer, warm in the winter and waterproof in a rainstorm, the weatherHYDE tent is built for people who like to enjoy the great outdoors all year long. In fact, maker Billion Bricks Ltd., a Singapore-based nonprofit design and technology studio, also envisions the tent as a humanitarian response to a serious problem—global homelessness. For every tent sold, one is given to a homeless family somewhere in the world.

The reversible UV-coated nylon tent features triple-wall construction. The outer dark skin absorbs heat and an inner mylar skin reflects it, protecting a family from the cold as body heat is trapped inside to keep them warm. A soft, insulated thermal barrier made of polyester wool and nylon adds warmth. Because it is waterproof, a rain fly is not needed. The triple-layer design blocks light, providing privacy inside.

With a floor area of 29 square feet, the tent sleeps a family of five. The floor consists of a water-resistant fiber-reinforced mylar and a thermally reflective base mat; weatherHYDE also features removable doors on either end, Velcro® locks, dual safety ventilators and reflective strips for night visibility and safety. The lightweight and sturdy hollow pipe frame is sold separately, and can be filled for extra stability. The tent weighs 19.8 pounds without the frame. One person can set it up in 15 minutes without tools. For more information, visit


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