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Losberger De Boer becomes a centenary company

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One hundred years ago, Friedrich Losberger and Klaas de Boer laid the foundation for a company that would become one of the world’s leading suppliers of temporary and semi-permanent space solutions: Losberger De Boer. In 2019, the company celebrates its hundredth birthday.

The early years

It is in Heilbronn, near Stuttgart, that the story of Losberger De Boer begins. In January 1919, Friedrich Losberger registered his company Friedrich Losberger Sackhandlung with the Chamber of Commerce. He built his first tent for a travelling circus. Around that same time, Klaas de Boer built his first tent for a town festival in Hensbroek, near Alkmaar. Both men quickly recognized the advantages of tents for a wide variety of purposes and, over time, both companies concentrated more and more on temporary structures.

Troubled times

The times, however, were turbulent. Friedrich Losberger’s factory was destroyed during the war. He rebuilt it on a new location and from then on, everything revolved around producing temporary structures and a decent growth of the company. Klaas De Boer also started a strong growth phase in the post-war period. He concentrated on the nationwide rental of tents as temporary solutions for a wide variety of purposes.

Modern space solutions

Both companies saw much innovation from the 1950s on, and in the 1980s the first structures emerged that started to resemble the semi-permanent space solutions Losberger De Boer produces today. A trend towards aesthetic forms and

comfortable interior environments set in. A variety of shapes and construction designs emerged and the description “tent” was no longer accurate.

The merger: Losberger De Boer

Losberger and De Boer had worked together quite a few times already, when in 2017 both companies decided to join forces and combine their extensive knowledge, experience, capacity and market share to move forward together, as Losberger De Boer.

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