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Fabric transforms camper design

Projects | April 1, 2019 | By:

Waterproof fabric with advanced air permeability keeps things airy and light in this snazzy geodesic dome on wheels. Photos: BMW Design Works Division.

What’s the bottom line for camping gear? For many outdoorspeople, it comes down to fabric that is waterproof yet airy and comfortable, along with convenience and a dash of style. A new camper that is more like a geodesic dome on wheels checks those boxes.

A collaboration between BMW Design Works Division and The North Face, the lightweight camper features FUTURELIGHT, an innovative fabric developed by The North Face that offers unparalleled air permeability while remaining waterproof.

FUTURELIGHT was developed using nanospinning technology, a process that adds air permeability to the membrane of a textile. The technique creates nano-sized holes in the fabric that make it extremely porous, providing maximum venting as air moves through the material.

The camper’s design was inspired by the fabric-covered GINA Light Visionary Model concept car created by BMW Design Works in 2008. Like the car, the camper features a flexible material that is stretched over the dome.

The FUTURELIGHT camper was introduced at CES in Las Vegas in January, demonstrating that the fabric has uses beyond apparel. The fabric will be available first in The North Face product line. For more information, visit

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