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Vest offers inflatable protection for bicyclists

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The airbag in the B’Safe vest inflates so quickly its deployment is measured in milliseconds from start to finish. Photo: Helite.

If you fall off your bike, you want to make sure you protect your thorax, back and neck. A vest that takes its cue from automobile airbags can do just that. B’Safe features an airbag that inflates instantly in the event of an accident.

Developed by the French airbag technology company Helite, B’Safe features a reflective vest integrated with a sensor and inflatable air cartridge. A second sensor unit with a wireless connection to the vest
is easily attached under the bike saddle.

The vest uses a smart algorithm that follows motion in context and detects an accident. It also receives information from the accelerometer in the saddle unit, analyzes the situation and responds immediately.
When an accident or a fall is detected, the airbag deploys automatically in just 80 milliseconds, protecting the cyclist before impact.

After it inflates, the airbag automatically deflates slowly. It can be used again, simply by changing the carbon dioxide cartridge located on the right side of the vest’s inside pocket.

The airbag system becomes operational simply by zipping up the vest. It is powered by a battery that works for seven days on one charge. The unit that fits under the bike seat stays charged for five years.

The vest is made of lightweight and breathable fabrics that are also water repellent. The airbag is made of a tough nylon fabric that is resistant to rips and tears. For more information, visit

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