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New Hot Swap program from Kamber

Industry News | April 8, 2019 | By:

Kamber Narrow Fabric Machinery LLC, a global trader and specialist in pre-owned weaving, braiding and knitting machinery, has announced a new Hot Swap program for manufacturers. The program offers manufacturers the opportunity to have their narrow fabric needle looms completely refurbished with a full one-year warranty and with zero minutes of downtime with their current machines.

Based on the auto industry’s car loaner program—when a car dealer provides a customer with a temporary car while their own car is being repaired—Kamber will custom build a machine per the customer’s specs and then swap it with the machine needing refurbishment. Each machine needing refurbishment can be rebuilt to the customer’s same or new specs.

The Hot Swap program was developed with today’s tight labor market in mind, to help manufacturers’ employees focus on production and not on equipment repairs and rebuilding. Kamber uses OEM parts, which is crucial for machine performance. With no machine interruption and a like-new, cost-efficient machine, Hot Swap is an optimal program for production managers seeking to eliminate machine downtime and increase productivity.

Visit Kamber Narrow Machinery’s website for a quick video showing the entire rebuilding process.

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