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TECNIcart: changing the way sample books are produced

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Amzak a major designer and manufacturer of sample books, product decks and swatch cards, has announced that the company has been selected to be the exclusive North American sales office for TECNIcart.

Traditional sample merchandising products in the form of sample books are manufactured using real product that must be cut and sized to the specifications of the sample book the marketing company has designed. Whatever the materials used, the process is not only expensive, but often the sample books become too overloaded and heavy; often the number of styles shown must be scaled down to fit.

TECNIcart, a printing company with offices in Barcelona and Madrid, has created a unique technology for sample books, color cards and product decks, without using pre-cut pieces of real materials or bonded samples. The innovative system is based on a proprietary graphic printing system that creates the attributes of true color, texture, feel and even the scent of the actual finished material for sale. 

For manufacturers of home décor products that produce sampling merchandising, there are many benefits:

  • Reduction in manufacturing and delivery from months to weeks
  • Reduction in the weight of catalogs and sample books—less expensive to ship and distribute
  • Lower cost per sample product 
  • Sales offices may have more books to sell with

According to David Migi, president of Amzak, “merchandising aids like sample books produced by TECNIcart are non-abrasive, last longer and and are easier to work with … this changes everything in many product categories that depend on sample books to sell retailers, designers and contractors”. 

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