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HEYstore fabrics for shipping, storage and disaster relief

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The Heytex Group, headquartered in Bramsche, Germany, has 17 different product groups for technical textiles and works closely with customers to determine the appropriate material for their applications. “Due to increasing numbers of global disasters and the need to support people that need help, we see increasing demand for our HEYstore products in the future,” says Manuel Radke, market manager at Heytex USA.

For disaster control, HEYstore materials are used for mobile water treatment and supply, dirty water storage, water tanks for firefighting, fuel storage and transport and food supplies. For humanitarian aid, in addition to transport and storage of potable water and food storage, HEYstore materials can be used for water storage of shower facilities as well as alternative uses in sewage water and mobile pit latrines.

“We’ve seen a boost in demand for products that can be used to store fresh drinking water in places around the world that are experiencing disasters. In situations where people are displaced by fires, floods and other humanitarian crises, storage is needed for drinking and waste water, and fuel tanks for generators,” says Radke. Heytex offers material solutions that are NSF-certified and safe to store potable water. “Flexible tanks are a good solution. Water tanks produced with our materials can hold up to 50,000 gallons of water. Flexible, collapsible tanks are a great solution as they are lightweight and easy to transport.”

Because of this surge for mobile storage solution needs, Heytex is continually working to develop new materials and technologies to help customers produce more reliable and efficient products. A wide range of PVC and TPE/TPU materials are now available with the HEYseal Encapsulated Edge for the HEYstore portfolio of products; providing storage solutions that can reduce the manufacturing time for welding of edges by up to 50 percent, which eliminates wicking (leaking) completely rather than simply minimizing it. The encapsulated edge fabrics work for flexible tanks, oil booms, potable water bladders and many other storage and transport applications to give customers a complete solution-driven product.

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