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Cinnamon is the secret in a new odor-controlling fabric

Swatches | May 1, 2021 | By:

Novoleap Co. Ltd. (Koup) has developed a shirt using fabric made from recycled plastic bottles infused with cinnamon extract, which the company says is an antimicrobial that can prevent odor-causing bacteria. Cinnamon has a natural compound, cinnamaldehyde, that provides the antimicrobial properties. “My background in textiles prompted me to search for eco-friendly textile technologies that can make a difference,” says Koup shirt co-founder Brian Chuang. “The way cinnamon works is that it inhibits the growth of sweat-eating bacteria, keeping you smelling fresh.” The Koup shirts don’t smell like cinnamon, however, as the aroma evaporates during the yarn-making process. In addition to being odor blocking, the shirts are lightweight and quick drying. Photo: Koup. 

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