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Devan launches range of bio-based fragrances for textiles

Swatches | May 1, 2021 | By:

Devan’s new bio-based fragrances for textiles include natural lavender, menthol, wild mint and a citrus blend. Photo: Devan.

Fabric appeals to the human senses of touch and sight. Now, Belgium-based textile innovator Devan is working toward appealing to the sense of smell. The company has launched a new range of bio-based fragrances named SceNTL® that uses traceable raw materials, and an external lab has confirmed that the bio-content of the fragrances is above 85 percent.

SceNTL encapsulated fragrances can be integrated into the fabric and are gradually released over time. While synthetic fragrances are composed of human-made ingredients, natural scents and oils are created by isolating aroma components from raw plant materials. Because of this, SceNTL batches can have a slight variation in smell. As natural conditions differ from time to time, every harvest is a little different than the previous one.

Although aromatherapy is still a young and understudied domain, studies have shown that essential oils can indeed have neurological effects. For example, linalool, a component found in lavender and rosewood, is found to enhance sleep. At this moment, the SceNTL range is intended for low-wash items such as mattress ticking, decorative pillows, upholstery, curtains and carpets. It can also be used as a natural masking scent for products that have a strong artificial smell. 

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