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Textiles dominate Canadian grants to solve the problem of plastic waste

Swatches | May 1, 2021 | By:

Plastic litter pollutes rivers, lakes and oceans, harming wildlife and generating macro and microplastics (pictured). The Canadian Plastics Innovations Challenges target plastics sectors that generate large quantities of plastic waste and show the greatest opportunity for innovation. Photo: © David Pereiras Villagra,

Through the Innovative Solutions Canada program, four Canadian companies have been awarded grants to develop solutions to address plastic waste, with three of the four solutions involving textiles. 

With a plan to achieve zero plastic waste by 2030, including a ban on certain harmful single-use plastics, the Canadian government is awarding small and medium-sized Canadian companies up to $150,000 each toward developing their solutions.

The three companies with textile-related projects receiving funding in the Canadian Plastics Innovation Challenges are:

• CACITH Inc. (Tengiva), in Montréal, Quebec. CACITH is creating a network of recyclers to quantify textile waste and find new markets for otherwise wasted materials.

• Singular Solutions Inc., in North York, Ontario. Singular Solutions is developing a biosustainable additive that will cause plastic textile waste to biodegrade in long-term-composting landfill facilities.

• Met-Tech Inc., in Burlington, Ontario. Met-Tech is developing a low-cost process to recycle more textile waste such as clothing.

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