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PrinterEvolution brand name transitioning to ATPColor

Company News, News | August 9, 2021 | By:

Global Imaging, a distributor of grand format digital printing equipment, has announced that it will begin distributing PrinterEvolution products under the original manufacturer name “ATPColor” to simplify branding initiatives and streamline internal operations.

PrinterEvolution has been one of the Global Imaging family of brands since 2011. The printers have always been manufactured in Italy by ATPColor, an Italian manufacturer of digital textile printers since 2003. With the strength of ATP’s engineering, PrinterEvolution has become one of the industry’s most successful brands of digital textile printers and has installed over 100 units throughout the U.S. and Canada over the 10 years since its inception.

The timing of the branding transition coincides with the unveiling of the newly redesigned ATPColor OneTex and OnPaper digital textile printer platforms. The product lines are to be considered the next generation of PrinterEvolution machines as the PrinterEvolution Eos Series, D Series, Kayo and T Series printers are phased out, making way for the ATPColor OneTex and OnPaper. While the PrinterEvolution brand will no longer be used to market these devices, service and support of existing serviceable PrinterEvolution and new ATPColor devices will continue uninterrupted through Global Imaging.

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