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Sweater developed from high-tech refuse

Swatches | November 1, 2021 | By:

London, U.K.-based company Vollebak has introduced a new sweater made from materials retrieved from landfill refuse. Built from old bulletproof vests and firefighter suits that were no longer usable, the Garbage Sweater is not only rugged, comfortable and attractive—it’s fireproof as well. Made in France from 70 percent recycled meta-aramid and 30 percent para-aramid, the sweater is machine washable in cold water. The normal life span of a firefighter suit or a bulletproof vest is just five years. While the original garment may not be strong enough or safe enough to function as protective gear after that point, its fabric may have lost only a fraction of its original properties, the company says. The sweater is not bulletproof, however. Photo: Vollebak.

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