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Knitting glass produces “soft silica”

Swatches | April 1, 2022 | By:

Canadian designer Sarah Roseman has unveiled a new material that challenges definitions of glass and textiles. reports that Roseman began her research experimenting with knitting glass fibers, working to find innovative and sustainable industry alternatives in materials. The result is a material called “soft silica,” that can be formed into an ever-growing list of samples and possible applications for the hybrid material. The process begins by melting fiberglass in a kiln. Once it reaches a soft state, the designer can manipulate the glass and knit it into complex shapes. The project currently shows glass tapestries and vessels that combine the tactility of textile with the vibrance of glass. Another direction of the research focuses on integrating copper wire inside the glass and allowing electricity to flow through it to power light sources. Photo: Sarah Roseman 

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