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Biodegradable polyester thread

Swatches | December 1, 2022 | By:

Eco-B thread contains numerous biodegradable spots throughout the matrix of the plastic that aid in decomposition. Photo: Coats Group

Industrial thread specialist, Coats Group, based in Kings Mountain, N.C., has launched a new recycled polyester thread featuring an additive that is designed to reduce microplastic pollution in landfills and oceans.

The company has introduced Eco-B, a polyester thread that incorporates an additive from Hayward, Calif.-based CiCLO Textiles that contains countless biodegradable spots throughout the matrix of the plastic. These spots act like nutrient sources for microbes that naturally exist in the environment.

When textiles made with these enhanced fibers end up in environments where biodegradation can occur naturally, microbes are attracted to the fibers and can mineralize them at rates similar to that of natural fibers, such as wool.

Eco-B supports Coats’ drive toward a circular economy. The company previously released EcoVerde, which is now one of the most comprehensive ranges of 100% recycled polyester threads, zips and trims on the market, followed by EcoRegen, a 100% lyocell thread that matches the material of the garments more closely, and EcoCycle, which was one of the first water dissolvable threads of its kind.

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