Alnet Americas

Beadeye Eyelet Webbing

Beadeye Eyelet Webbing replaces traditional grommets in most applications. It reduces labor by eliminating the grommet process. Simply sew in the tape and the job is done. Available in a variety of sizes and webbing thicknesses, including custom.



HPE is a nonwoven product with a multifunctional structure that has capabilities in applications that use membrane, film or fabric. It has high tensile properties, breathability, low surface friction and microbial resistance. Applications include packaging, print media, filtration, tags and labels, and wristbands.

Apex Mills

PR32 PR 65

PR32 PR 65 is an engineered cubicle mesh for use in cubicle and hospital curtains. The specialty finish produces a firm and stable hand without harmful chemicals and is manufactured in a process that passes all Proposition 65 qualifications. 100% polyester.

Apex Mills

RL27A carbon-network mesh fabric

RL27A carbon-network mesh fabric is manufactured with 12% carbon within a base of 88% polyester material. Used in static dissipation, this conductive, capacitive fabric is used in clean rooms and consumer goods.

Apex Mills

Auxetic AX 59339 70 fabric

The auxetic AX 59339 70 fabric minimizes “necking-in” when stretched. It maintains its thickness when elongated and won’t “thin-out.” Benefits include improved fit, reduced wrinkling, uniform compression, and shape conformity.

Apex Mills

DNE012 3-D spacer fabric

Used in consumer goods, automotive and applications where a “high-tech” appearance is required, DNE012 3-D spacer fabric is composed of three integrated layers: two outside layers attached to a layer of vertical filler yarns to provide varying levels of thickness for volume, resilience and cushioning.

APV Engineered Coatings

VYNGUARD® Performance Coatings

VYNGUARD® Performance Coatings are custom-engineered coating technologies. VYNGUARD Anti-Graffiti Coating is an advanced product for stain resistance, VYNGUARD Anti-Microbial resists film deterioration caused by bacteria, and VYNGUARD with Kynar® PVDF is a high-performance finish that extends the life cycle of outdoor upholstery, fabrics and textiles.

ARTEC Corporation

ENVILENE™ polypropylene-based fabric

ENVILENE™ polypropylene-based fabric uses a special thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) coating formula. This premium-quality industrial-grade fabric is 100% recyclable and is free of chloride, dioxin and plasticizers. Applications include tents, membrane structures, general covers, banners and billboards.


The conveyorized tables of the Catalyst cutting system increase throughput and pair seamlessly with industrial machine gantries. It is equipped with a full feature set that enables it to cut the widest range of materials with minimal material handling.


PatternSmith pattern-making software

PatternSmith pattern-making software is powerful and easy to use. It enables the creation of patterns from scratch, importing them from standard design files like DXFs or digitizing complex patterns simply.


Argon cutting table

An argon cutting table is equipped with features that enable it to cut the widest range of materials with speed and precision. It has an integrated vacuum table, the fastest carbon-fiber gantry, a modular cutting head and an intuitive touchscreen interface to cut patterns.

Azenco Outdoor


K-BANA is a luxurious, intimate cabana accommodation for shared spaces. Its primary applications in the hospitality industry include resorts, hotels, event venues and even private residences. Its rapid deployment feature saves time and effort during setup, while the durable materials ensure longevity.

Bainbridge International

Awn Sure 18 FR™

Awn Sure 18 FR™ is a high-performance awning vinyl that is flame-retardant and mold and mildew resistant. It features increased UV resistance, accepts vinyl graphics and can also be digitally printed and screen printed, accepting solvent-based inks or paints. Comes in 17 vibrant colors.

Citel Performance Fabrics

Docril® N fabrics

Made for marine covers and tops, Docril® N fabrics are waterproof, fade resistant and offer the highest possible protection against ultraviolet radiation while still maintaining inherent protection against rot and mildew. Sixty inches wide and backed by a five-year warranty.

Citel Performance Fabrics

Docril® 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics

Docril® 100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are made for the marine, awning and umbrella markets. Performance features include fade resistance, high water repellency, dimensional stability and abrasion resistance. Backed by a 10-year warranty.

Citel Performance Fabrics

BLISS fabrics

BLISS fabrics are made of 100% solution-dyed acrylic to provide quality, strength and durability. For outdoor furniture, cushions, decorative pillows, umbrellas and window applications. Fade and water resistant, bleach cleanable, stain and mildew resistant, breathable, and backed by a five-year warranty.

Citel Performance Fabrics

Docril® T fabric

Made of premium 100% solution-dyed acrylic, Docril® T fabric is engineered for awning applications and is designed to improve heat insulation, reducing the temperature of an area by 8% when compared to standard acrylic awnings, resulting in energy savings on air conditioning.


Shade Trellis

The aluminum and fabric Shade Trellis is a high-quality functional shade product that offers a unique architectural element to any residential or commercial patio space. All aluminum, rust-free components with integrated fabric panels.

E Squared Technical Textiles

High Pile CIPP Lateral Pipe Lining

High Pile CIPP Lateral Pipe Lining is made of high-quality polyester knit fabric and is ideal for wastewater lateral pipe rehabilitation projects with curves up to 90 degrees. It is also available in TPU-coated nylon.

E Squared Technical Textiles

Synthetic Composite Sheeting

With the ability to extrude a layer of polymer between two layers of fabric, Synthetic Composite Sheeting can be used for filtering systems, noise control or for creating environmental barriers. The sheeting can be up to 95 inches in width.