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Promote awnings with the “All About Fabric Awnings” guide

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Awning fabricators and installers have another tool to educate the construction industry about the benefits of awnings.

The Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA), a division of the Advanced Textiles Association, has issued a revised All About Fabric Awnings: A Guide for Architects, Design Professionals, and City Officials for the first time in more than a decade.

The new 28-page guide features information about building codes and how they relate to awnings. For those unfamiliar with awning design, the guide includes information on standard awning design and shapes. PAMA has adopted standard names for awning and canopy styles and those are outlined in the guide: concave, dome, elongated dome, lateral/arm retractable, quarter round/convex, rounded entrance canopy and traditional.

It also addresses design considerations, such as framing, stability and attachments and types of design loads, including wind and snow loads; types of materials; and more.

It’s a great way to make sure architects and others working in building design know the strengths and benefits of fabric awnings. As the guide points out, that partnership is important for a successful awning project:

Awning companies can be seen as the first source of information. They often have information about anchoring guidelines and the cost-efficiency of awnings. …

The architect, engineer and/or city official must understand how to arrange, size and connect structural members so that the foreseeable loads will be transmitted to its supports while incorporating safety factors without over-engineering the system. The above partners should develop a working relationship to better understand each other’s needs. Most awning companies are the experts in fabricating awnings, engineers and code officials are experts in permits, and architects’ experts in design. All parties are needed and can assist each other.

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