Marine protection for inflatables

November 28, 2022  |  Products

Glidecoat’s Inflatable Kit and Inflatable Hard Bottom Kit protect Hypalon, PVC and polyurethane inflatable boats and RIB tubes from the ravages of a marine environment.
Durable antimicrobial cotton additive

November 21, 2022  |  Products

Microban International’s new DuraTech™ by Microban® is an antimicrobial additive with excellent wash durability designed explicitly for cotton applications.
Nontoxic, flexible PVC alternatives

November 14, 2022  |  Products

Renegade Plastics offers toxic-free, recyclable fabric solutions for flexible PVC plastics used in numerous industries from billboards to sports equipment.
New flocked infrared material

November 7, 2022  |  Products

Hologenix® has partnered with Spectro Coating Corp. to create the first flocked infrared material with CELLIANT® Viscose, which converts body heat into energy.
Translucent waterproof fabric

October 31, 2022  |  Products

Serge Ferrari’s Soltis Proof W88 is waterproof material for awnings and canopies that is also translucent to allow natural light to shine through.
High light transmission fabric

October 24, 2022  |  Products

Seaman Corporation’s Shelter-Rite® Architectural Fabrics product line now includes High Light Transmission (HLT) Architectural Fabric with applications for structures requiring natural light such as sports arenas, event venues and greenhouses.
Sunbrella fire-retardant shade fabric

October 17, 2022  |  Products

Sunbrella® Exceed™ FR is an inherently fire-retardant and flame-resistant shade fabric that offers top FR performance while still delivering the same elevated appearance and tactile qualities of woven Sunbrella shade fabrics.
Sustainable rug collection

October 10, 2022  |  Products

Lenzing’s partnership with Jacaranda has produced the Seoni collection, Jacaranda’s first handwoven rug collection using 100% carbon-zero TENCEL™ branded lyocell fibers that offer complete sustainability.
Hand-feel testing equipment

October 3, 2022  |  Products

The SDL Atlas FTT® Fabric Touch Tester meets the requirements of the new textile industry standard specifying textile hand feel testing and evaluation.
Versatile hybrid printer

September 26, 2022  |  Products

Mutoh’s ValueJet 1628MH hybrid printer combines upgraded features and new technologies designed to produce vibrant output with smoother gradations and a wide color gamut using Mutoh’s own VerteLith RIP software.