Tough technical laminates

July 18, 2023  |  Products

ProTact by Haartz™ is a line of technical laminates specifically developed to exceed the performance standards of coated fabrics used in military and tactical gear applications.
Highly stretchable fabric

July 10, 2023  |  Products

Teijin Frontier’s SOLOTEX® LIBERTE, a new functional fabric for sportswear and casual wear, features a unique span-like texture and exceptional stretchability.
Nature-inspired upholstery collection

June 26, 2023  |  Products

Sunbrella® and designer David Rockwell announce Currents, an inaugural collection of 35 nature-inspired high-performance fabrics designed for high-traffic indoor and outdoor commercial spaces.
Stronger boat cover fabrics

June 19, 2023  |  Products

AquaTop fabrics are built for strength and durability in extreme marine conditions.
Wellness-focused upholstery fabric

June 12, 2023  |  Products

Culp’s new wellness-focused upholstery fabric collection for residential and commercial furniture, “CULP powered by Nanobionic®,” uses infrared technology to allows users to restore their bodies while relaxing.
Sustainable print media solution

June 4, 2023  |  Products

Serge Ferrari’s Seemee Loop™ Mesh provides a sustainable printable solution for a variety of indoor and outdoor print media applications such as promotional banners and billboards.
Versatile engineered fastener

May 29, 2023  |  Products

C.S. Osborne’s Loxx self-locking, quick-release two-part engineered fasteners are strong and versatile.
Water-saving inkjet printer

May 22, 2023  |  Products

Kyocera’s FOREARTH inkjet textile printer aims to eliminate virtually all water usage from fabric printing to help eliminate printing-related water pollution.
Two-in-one coating machine

May 15, 2023  |  Products

Cavitec’s Cavimelt Pro multifunctional coating machine is a two-in-one machine featuring rapid switching between rotogravure and full-surface coating.
Hospitality collection color refresh

May 8, 2023  |  Products

The Ultrafabrics Uf Select high-tech performance fabrics collection includes a 38-color refresh for its North American product line.