Sustainable carpet backing

May 2, 2023  |  Products

Freudenberg’s sustainable carpet backing products Colback ECO and Lutradur ECO enhance sustainability efforts in the carpet industry by redefining its proprietary yarn production technology, allowing for extremely thin filaments with a diameter up to 30% smaller than standard carpet backings.
Eco-friendly fiber composite

April 24, 2023  |  Products

The new fiber composite CELLUN made from renewable biopolymers can replace glass or carbon fibers in the production of industrial molded parts.
Americana performance fabric collection

April 17, 2023  |  Products

The Americana-infused Max Humphrey x Pindler x Sunbrella® fabric collection marries design with the performance of Sunbrella fabrics through an organic color palette that ranges from denim and green to pink and gold.
Durable composite for tents

April 10, 2023  |  Products

Herculite’s Architent® Beyond Coated is a heavy-duty 20-ounce flexible composite textile engineered for high-profile semi-permanent event structures where durability, strength and flexibility are essential such as clearspan, keder and pole tents.
New nostalgic fabrics

April 3, 2023  |  Products

HBF Textiles’ Reunion collection has a personality that ignites nostalgia and joy.
Eco-friendly acrylic fibers

March 28, 2023  |  Products

Drytex Cycle® products from Sudamericana de Fibras (SDF) contain up to 50% post-industrial content, earning the Recycled Claim Standard.
Allergy-reduction technology

March 20, 2023  |  Products

American Textile Company (ATC) has partnered with HeiQ to launch several bedding products leveraging HeiQ Allergen* Tech, a 100% bio-based, naturally derived technology that reduces exposure to inanimate allergens with the help of active probiotics.
New upholstery textile

March 13, 2023  |  Products

HBF Textiles has added a sixth textile to the In Your Skin collection by Erin Ruby, sensorial textiles with unique patterns. Matriarch, the newest addition, is a twill weave with strong, bold color combinations that blend complementary colored yarns to create a subtle melange and beautiful moire eff…
Hardworking upholstery fabrics

February 27, 2023  |  Products

Three hardworking and luxurious textiles from Designtex tackle everyday demands with style by combining high performance and elegance.
Cleaner fiber edges

February 21, 2023  |  Products

Zund’s Heat Sealing Module (HSM) significantly facilitates the processing and handling of dry fiber materials with thermoplastic content.