SX Industries

Stamping, wire forming, die casting and injection molding

SX Industries, a manufacturer of Berry-compliant metal hardware, serves the military, sewing contractors, and tactical and boot manufacturers, offering stamping, wire forming, die casting and injection molding. The family-owned company also offers paint, nylon coating and plating options, and in-house finishing.

Tennessee Webbing Products

Contract sewing and light converting

Tennessee Webbing Products offers affordable contract sewing and light converting. The company has been manufacturing affordable subassemblies and finished sewn products for more than 20 years. With both domestic and overseas manufacturing capabilities, Tennessee Webbing produces affordable sewn narrow fabrics products for well-known name brands as well as small businesses around the world.

Thermex-Thermatron® Systems

FIAB 960 Traveling Welder

The FIAB 960 Traveling Welder is equipped with a new type of servo drive, which improves the dynamics of its work. It can weld advanced textiles ranging from tarps, awnings, screens, tents and covers to oil booms and from tensile architecture to ad banners to pool liners for fish farming.


MasterSeal #10 zipper

The MasterSeal #10 zipper has an FDA-approved waterproof and airtight version for direct food contact applications on items such as soft-sided coolers and lunch bags as well as outdoor uses, but it might also meet medical, pharma, bio and chemical industry requirements.

TVF Inc.

1680 Denier PVC-Backed Polyester

The rugged 1680 Denier PVC-Backed Polyester is a heavyweight industrial textile used for bags, luggage, indoor covers, custom cases, tactical gear, seat covers and equestrian products. With a similar look and feel to Ballistic Nylon at the price of polyester, it features a tough basketweave construction and PVC backing.

TVF Inc.

18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester

18 oz. Vinyl Coated Polyester is used extensively in the transportation industry and in industrial settings and is known for its strength, weight and versatility for truck tarps, industrial curtains, portable stalls, oil booms and more. It is flame retardant, mildew resistant and available in 21 colors.

TVF Inc.


Offered in multiple colors and in white for printability, CORDURA® HP Fabric has a wide range of applications, including backpacks, luggage, equestrian products, pet accessories and outdoor gear. Durable, water repellent, mildew resistant and urethane coated, it is availablein widths of up to 60 inches.

TVF Inc.

1000 Denier CORDURA® Classic Fabric

Highly durable for outdoor gear, luggage, duffel bags, military gear, upholstery, backpacks, briefcases, pet accessories and more, 1000 Denier CORDURA® Classic Fabric is constructed with high-tenacity, air-jet textured nylon yarn. It comes in a wide spectrum of colors and is urethane coated and mildew resistant and features a durable, water-repellent finish.


Vectrocut Sono™

The Vectrocut Sono™ offers the fully automatic cutting of fabrics with ultrasonic and pressure/crush cutting tools for the manufacturing of roller shades, awnings and sun protection products. Its design allows the cutting of screen without the need of a vacuum table due to its patented clamping system. It can also import data from Excel and print labels.



The Duoweld™ impulse welder has up to 26 feet of capacity for the manufacturing of awnings, side retention screen systems and general fabric welding. It can switch between a 10-millimeter- (.4 inch) and 20-millimeter-width (.8 inch) weld at the push of a button. Programmable keder/zipper clamp, hem, pocket and join programs.



The Combocutter™ is a single-axis ultrasonic and pressure/crush fabric cutting machine for the production of roller shades and awnings. It comes in two different sizes. Options include a computerized digital backstop, data import from Excel and a label printer to track jobs. It switches from ultrasonic to pressure/crush with the flick of a switch.

Volm Companies Inc.

70% monofilament windscreen

Durable green or black, lead-free 70% monofilament windscreen technical mesh fabric can be used to make truck covers or to protect sports complexes, tennis courts and pickleball courts. Sizes include 6 feet by 120 feet or 9 feet by 120 feet. Custom widths and colors may be available, and minimums may apply.

Weifang Huacheng Transnature Plastic Co. Ltd.

PP Groundcover

The PP Groundcover can be used to prevent growth of weeds, for heat preservation, moisture retention and prevention of waterlogging of plants in agricultural and gardening applications.

Weifang Huacheng Transnature Plastic Co. Ltd.

PP Woven Groundcover

The PP Woven Groundcover is a polyester staple fiber geotextile for use in construction to isolate building materials with different physical properties to keep their overall structure and function. It is also used for reverse filtration.

Zhejiang Boyang New Material Co. Ltd.

Shade Mesh M1122T300

Billboards, banners and signs of all types can be created with the 80% shade, 9-ounce Shade Mesh M1122T300. It comes in a variety of colors for digital or screen printing and has a maximum width of 5 meters (16.4 feet). 1000-by-1000 denier, 12-by-12 industrial yarns per inch, 300 GSM.

Zhejiang Boyang New Material Co. Ltd.

Blockout Tarpaulin L1199GT

The 16-ounce Blockout Tarpaulin L1199GT can be used in all kinds of covers as well as shade awnings. It has high strength and a maximum width of 5 meters (16.4 feet).

Zhejiang Boyang New Material Co. Ltd.

Laminated Tarpaulin L1199MT

Used for outdoor tents, the strong 17-ounce (580 GSM) Laminated Tarpaulin L1199MT comes in a maximum width of 5 meters (16.4 feet). 1000-by-1000 denier, 9-by-9 industrial yarns per inch.

Zhejiang Boyang New Material Co. Ltd.

Transparent Tarpaulin L1133GT

Customers who need materials for tent windows or greenhouse applications can use the super-clear 11-ounce Transparent Tarpaulin L1133GT. It has a maximum width of 3.2 meters (10.5 feet). 1000-by-1000 denier, 3-by-3 industrial yarns per inch, 380 GSM.