Loxx USA (C.S. Osborne & Co.)

Fifty Four Collection III

An alternative to snaps and turn buttons, Loxx Fasteners are extremely strong, self-locking and engineered with a quick-release mechanism. Made of plated brass and stainless steel, they will never corrode or open accidentally. Easy to install on both soft materials and hard surfaces. Available in many variations.



Compared to traditional welding machines, Perseo is a completely original system. Boasting several patented features like Seamless, the Perseo is ergonomic and provides work visibility. The electronically controlled movement provides precision for completely automatic pockets, overlaps and profile welds. Intuitive display and easy controls.



The Kratos packaging line offers highly automated on-demand packaging of sustainable cardboard in various dimensions. Multiple box sizes available in addition to automatic folding and sealing. Seamlessly scores and cuts fanfold, minimizing waste and maximizing space. Can be integrated with other production processes, providing advanced interconnectivity.

Miami Corporation

MarineTyte® Banyan Lite

With its strength, cleanability, UV protection and a seven-year warranty, the new MarineTyte® Banyan Lite offers yachting protection with workability and versatility.

Miami Corporation/Tempotest®

Fifty Four Collection III

The Fifty Four Collection III of indoor and outdoor upholstery fabrics consists of more than 40 SKUs of new solids, fresh stripe designs and luxurious textures. Colors include Turquoise, Khaki, Denim, Coral, Clay, Pewter, Mercury and Onyx. All Tempotest® performance fabrics are made with 100% solution-dyed acrylic fibers.

Miller Weldmaster

RFlex Press

The RFlex Press offers the strength and durability of radio frequency in a compact design. Custom tooling is provided for every customer, making it suitable for nearly any application. Enhanced features like precision line, spot and curve welds, along with autotuning for consistent welds, ensure efficient and reliable high-speed small production.

Mitjavila Florida

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are available with the friendly adjustable pitch of the M1440V, manual or motorized; semi-cassette C1440V; or full cassette awning C250 to make the fabric last longer.

Mitjavila Florida

Bioclimatic Pergola, Horizon 2

The Bioclimatic Pergola, Horizon 2, is waterproof and 100% aluminum, offering a clean design.

Mitjavila Florida

Drop arms

Drop arms are designed for rain and sun protection, while offering drop curtains with stainless steel rods, cables or aluminum tracks.

MMI Textiles

SAM Stretch Wovens Laminations

Intended for the outdoor and tactical/military markets, SAM Stretch Wovens Laminations are designed for making softshell garments and accessories. Tough, durable and resistant to the elements. Custom laminations and custom back/face colors are available by the dye lot.

MMI Textiles

SAM Stretch Woven Adventure series

The SAM Stretch Woven Adventure series fabrics are stretch wovens for a variety of outdoor apparel end uses including pants, jackets and liners. The stretch and durability makes them great for outdoor apparel. Made in the USA and Berry compliant.

Morito Scovill Americas DOT®

DOT® Durable™ Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners

Produced using heavy-duty 316 marine-grade stainless steel, DOT® Durable™ Stainless Steel Snap Fasteners ensure a firm grip. A high molybdenum content results in superior corrosive resistance even in the most severe environments, such as saltwater conditions.

Morito Scovill Americas DOT®

DOT® Semi-Automatic Foot Press Model 89-M200

The DOT® Semi-Automatic Foot Press Model 89-M200 allows for the attachment of various DOT fasteners for use in applications such as marine, military, sporting goods, tents, awnings, industrial safety and more. It comes with a targeting light, adjustable compensator, full safety guards and an adjustable lower die holder.

Morito Scovill Americas DOT®

DOT® Stainless Steel Grommets and Washers

Best suited for marine and other adverse environments, DOT® Stainless Steel Grommets and Washers are made of tough, nonporous SAE 304 stainless steel. Designed to provide reliable hole reinforcement and to not pit or scratch. Superior resistance to rust, stains, corrosion and UV rays.

Morito Scovill Americas DOT®

DOT® Snapmaster™ Model 89CM840 Hand Press

The DOT® Snapmaster™ Model 89CM840 Hand Press is constructed of aluminum and steel and was developed to meet the needs of installers who must travel to the job site. Interchangeable dies and punches and an adjustable lower die allow a wide range of attachments on various application thicknesses.

Phifer® Incorporated

Phifertex® Cushion Collection

Phifertex® Cushion Collection is designed for cushion upholstery in residential or commercial furniture. While still providing the benefits of PVC, these fabrics are woven with small-denier, polyester-coated yarns to provide a soft and pliable hand in cushion upholstery applications. Infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection and available in eight colors.

Phifer® Incorporated

SheerWeave® Style 4001

SheerWeave® Style 4001 is a new 1% openness addition to the SheerWeave Style 4400/4000/4100 line, the only sun control fabrics to use DOW’s unique ECOLIBRIUM™ bio-based plasticizer, a renewable alternative to traditional plasticizers that lowers greenhouse gas emissions as much as 40% vs. existing PVC compounds. Available in nine colors.


Proliner Canvas Package

The Proliner Canvas Package is a complete solution for improving the digital templating process of canvas constructions, on-site as well as in the office.

Recasens USA


Nautimar is a lightweight, long-lasting, PVC-coated polyester intended for custom outdoor covers for marine and specialty applications. Coated on one side to reduce weight but at a viscosity that allows the PVC to saturate the base cloth to look like it is coated on both sides.

Sattler Corp.

Lumera LEAF

Lumera LEAF is designed for sun protection applications such as retractable awnings, pergolas, fixed awnings and similar shading systems. Color range of 10 different shades. Lumera LEAF is woven with solution-dyed acrylic, using a specially designed yarn exclusive to Sattler. Repels water and dirt; fade resistant and easy to clean.