Sattler Corp.

Lumera All Weather

Lumera All Weather is designed for all sun protection applications where water resistance is required, such as pergolas or fixed awnings. Solution-dyed acrylic in combination with the very thin and flexible special coating called IPC allows a better rolling performance than conventional waterproof textiles.

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Stamoid provides superior wicking, dirt pickup/cleanability and gloss and has been proven to reduce the buildup of dirt, mold and mildew and reduce cleaning time and the affiliated cost of cleaning. Offers protection from sea spray, wind, bad weather and sun, filtering 100% of UV. Available in more than 12 colors.

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STFE is used in place of glass in architectural designs where expansive, light-filled spaces are sought. Made from lightweight polyarylate mesh, STFE is 10 times lighter than glass and provides structural strength for large free-span designs, minimizing the need for additional supporting structure and steel cables.

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Loop is a new range of membranes made from 100% recycled materials. Soltis Loop Sunmate is the first-ever interior solar protection fabric composed of 100% recycled polyester yarns in its base and 100% recycled polymers in its coating. It preserves privacy, provides translucency, filters natural light, prevents glare and provides UV protection for indoor spaces.

Serge Ferrari Group

Soltis Proof 502

Soltis Proof 502 is a durable, waterproof membrane available in 40 colors with a satin finish to meet various design needs. It’s a highly durable material that protects against the weather and UV and provides excellent mold and dirt resistance due to its PVDF surface treatment.


Shazeebo Shade Sail Dealer Program

The Shazeebo Shade Sail Dealer Program is designed to assist dealers throughout their shade sail projects with resources and advice, all while providing top-quality shade sails. Dealer benefits include exclusive territories, fast lead times, in-person training, referrals and lead generation, proprietary hardware, tool kit, media kit, selling tools, and more.


Sileather silicone fabrics

Sileather silicone fabrics are durable, stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain, eco-friendly, environmentally safe and available in various styles. Sileather fabrics are inherently tough and weatherproof for all interior and exterior applications in watercraft.

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RGBW lighted arm system

The RGBW lighted arm system for retractable awnings and pergolas incorporates ambient lighting, providing a variety of benefits for different festive occasions. This added feature increases the value of the awning or pergola, making it more attractive to potential customers.

Spettmann USA

Mini Hub

The Mini Hub helps users stay informed about weather conditions with real-time weather alerts and provides timely notifications about the opening and closing of the awning. It can be discreetly installed within the awning, remaining hidden from the end consumer’s view. Draws power directly from the awning’s motor.



STARFLEX products are designed for the signage, gym mat, rooftop and tent markets. The company manufactures and offers custom products across many applications.


Spring-loaded modular hole punch tooling set

Made from high-quality W1 steel, the spring-loaded modular hole punch tooling set has been redesigned. The industrial-grade hole punch features a hardened pin and cutting edge for precise hole placement and cutting performance. The punch cuts hole sizes 13/16 inches, 7/8 inches, 1 inch, 1 1/8 inches and 1 ½ inches.


24-line plain and screw stud snap sets

Manufactured from 304 stainless steel, these 24-line plain and screw stud snap sets resist corrosion and generate solid snap action and connection strength. Use them for cloth-to-cloth or cloth-to-surface applications with the modular snap set hand drive tooling or on a production line with the 405 Bench Press.


Easy-Set stainless rolled rim grommets with spur washers

Easy-Set stainless rolled rim grommets with spur washers feature a smooth-rolled edge and interlocking spurs that grasp the fabric or material. Available in sizes #0–#4 with hole sizes ranging from 9/32 inches to 9/16 inches. Uses include heavy-duty indoor and outdoor applications, including signs and banners, awnings, windscreens, bimini tops, sails and more.

Sunair® Awnings & Solar Screens

Retractable patio awning

The retractable patio awning is available with an optional adjustable pitch shoulder. The maximum size with this feature is an awning having a projection of 11.5 feet by 20 feet wide.

Sunair® Awnings & Solar Screens

Retractable zipper screens

Homeowners can protect themselves from sun and bugs with retractable zipper screens in their porches, pergolas, lanais and verandas. The SC4600 is an exterior rolling cassette zipper shade and can also be installed on garage doors. Up to 24 feet wide by 9 feet high; screen rolls up in a small 5-inch-by-5-inch cassette box.

Sunair® Awnings & Solar Screens

Phoenix Air Pergola®

Small- to medium-sized outdoor deck and patio spaces can remain comfortable under a Phoenix Air Pergola®. It can be freestanding or wall mounted and can have water drainage on both sides by using arched fabric, or it can drain water just to one side with straight sloping.

Sunair® Awnings & Solar Screens

Phoenix Pergola® Free

The Phoenix Pergola® Free is suitable for small- to medium-sized commercial and residential decks and patios and can be freestanding or wall mounted. Using arched fabric will provide water drainage to both sides, or it can drain to one side with straight sloping.


Sunbrella® Shade Collection

The Sunbrella® Shade Collection consists of nearly 250 styles, including 17 new additions. These breathable fabrics are saturated to the core with color- and UV-stabilized pigments at the fiber level to be both UV and fade resistant. They are also resistant to mold and mildew and can be cleaned with bleach.


Sunbrella® Horizon®

Sunbrella® Horizon® marine vinyl offers a three-year warranty against microbial pinking and a five-year limited product warranty, including replacement fabric and labor costs. The fabric features highly UV-stable pigments and is available in more than 30 styles, 25 colors and two embossing patterns. It has a knit-backed construction and four-way stretch and recovery.


Sunbrella® Exceed™ FR

Available in four colors, Sunbrella® Exceed™ FR is a fire-retardant shade fabric for commercial shade applications and can be customized with graphics. It has a UPF 50+ rating and is bleach-cleanable and resistant to mold, mildew, dirt, stains and fading. It passes all relevant tests, certifications and beyond.