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Duro Textiles releases line of fabric protection solutions

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Duro Textiles, Falls River, Mass., has released Defense™—a complete line of protective solutions for residential and commercial fabrics. The Defense line provides protection from threats such as UV rays, mildew, stains, and wear. Consisting of five individual solutions that can be used alone or in any combination, Defense minimizes impact to the fabric’s hand and appearance while providing unparalleled performance.

  • Solar Defense™ provides printed fabrics with outstanding sun exposure resistance (many colors in excessof 1,500 hours and approaching 2,000 hours).
  • Nano Defense™ provides waterand stain repellency from foods and beverages.
  • Wear Defense™ protects printed and solid fabrics with a proprietary system designed to optimize abrasion resistance.
  • Mildew Defense™ protects against mildew, bacterial, and fungal growth and eliminates odor formation.
  • Breach Defense™ creates exceptional barrier protection.

To achieve superior all-around protection, Duro offers Ultimate Defense™—all five solutions combined. Defense™ solutions are appropriate for most indoor, outdoor, commercial, and residential applications. They do not negatively affect industry fire-resistance tests for upholstery (UFAC & Cal 117), and they are safe for families and pets.

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