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Spherical structure with fabric wings promotes Verizon exhibit

Projects, Tents | September 1, 2008 | By:

[ Transformit ] Gorham, Maine, U.S.A..

The objective of this display was to visually demonstrate that Verizon as a company was about to “take off” (the telecommunications giant had recently acquired MCI). In keeping with this theme, the spherical structure featured fabric “wings,” and the floor of the booth was curved in two directions like a saddle. The dome structure was fabricated in the shop using exact measurements to represent the curved floor. Precise fabrication resulted in the dome base matching the curved floor shape perfectly when the two were installed together onsite. In addition, the interior of the sphere had a series of eight “floating” operational flat screen televisions. Special attachment points and flat mounts were integrated into the design to hide all wiring and support the weight of the screens.

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