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Composite armor stands up to roadside bombs

Advanced Textiles, Markets | March 1, 2009 | By:

The Pentagon estimates that more than 25,000 injuries and casualties in Iraq have been caused by roadside bombs, so more effective armoring is a high priority for manufacturers of protective gear. At the November Netherlands Defense Industry Symposium, TenCate Advanced Armor, Vissenbjerg, Denmark, a supplier of vehicle and personal protection, introduced a new defensive tactic—composite armor that can stand up to roadside bombs.

The balance between protection and mobility is a key factor in vehicle shielding, and TenCate Advanced Armor developed a new lighter weight composite beefed up with Armourtex BM. To make the composite, TenCate uses layers of fiber materials, metals and ceramics, often encased in a rubber matrix. TenCate works with manufacturers of vehicles, such as armored personnel carriers, to design the best armor configuration to protect the occupants. And because the armor weight is considerably lighter than steel, vehicles can achieve greater fuel efficiency. For more information, visit

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